It all started in the summer of 2014, while walking through the city of Tangier, Morocco. I noticed a little street girl at the age of 10 staring at me. She was sitting on a white blanket waiting to be given some money by passengers. I knew that money wouldn’t be the answer to her happiness so I grabbed my bag and searched for the smallest item I had with me, which was a t-shirt. Whilst leaning over I handed her the t-shirt and told her that it was for her and for nobody else. She stared at the t-shirt for a while and suddenly her face changed completely: It was filled with gratitude, happiness and joy. It made such an impact on me that I will never forget the moment or her beautiful face ever again.

“If a t-shirt could bring this much joy. What If I create a T-shirt that stands for happiness, empowerment, love and actually helps people?”

soufiane ahaddach

In 2016 I launched my first Souvf t-shirt.

founder Soufiane Ahaddach with model Esmee Griesheimer – Photo by Eline Rühl

Changing the world with a t-shirt


My name is Soufiane Ahaddach (28) and I’m the founder of Souvf.

Helping others and bringing joy to the world was something I always felt the need to do, since I was little kid at school. Because I believe what defines us is: when we stand for one another and how we act towards each other. Thus for me starting Souvf was a passion and a calling.

While growing up in the Netherlands and Morocco, I’ve always been known as ‘the creative one’, it was something I enjoyed doing.

With Souvf I used my talent and passion to make a difference. We create t-shirts with a story and a purpose. T-shirts that say and actually do something. One of those purposes is: Empowering Women.

“As a man I do call myself a feminist.”

Growing up in predominantly female household with 4 younger sisters and a mom, you definitely grow up with a lot of respect for women. Yet in our current society women are not receiving the respect and rights they deserve and own. With Souvf I want to change that, together.

During this video you will see names of women who are changing the world or are changing it as we speak, but please watch untill the end. This is the most important name of them all.


“Each purchased Souvf t-shirt supports the Souvf foundation.”

In our first 2 years we donated 10% of our profit to charity foundations around the world. Yet we believed we could add more impact and be more of value if we made the necessary changes. So we decided to change our business model into a more effective one. We’ve launched our own foundation: the Souvf foundation.

The Souvf foundation is founded in 2019 and is an essential part of the brand Souvf. Our foundation is entirely funded through the sales of souvf t-shirts. Eeach purchased t-shirt likewise benefits the Souvf foundation. Our goals with the foundation for 2019 are to promote feminist ideals, empower women and support gender equality.

“Empowering women around the world is our main goal for the year 2019.”

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Thank you for your time reading my story and thank you to the amazing Arianna Huffington for creating this empowering platform and giving me the opportunity to share my story with you all.  A true inspiration for many women.

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