I had the pleasure of attending Space By Mama Medicine’s Sound Ceremony this past week, and it was such a pleasant experience! I entered a beautiful open space in Soho filled with different crystals, minerals, plants, and bowls. Instantly you feel the serenity. It started off on a peaceful note where I was introduced to thinking about the meaning of my name. I was one of the few who realized I didn’t know where my name stems from. It is a bit crazy we live our whole lives being called a name, and yet many of us do not even know the meaning behind it. I took mental note to do research on my name, and that was the first thing I googled on the train ride back to Brooklyn! 

As this ceremony began there were bowls of many different shades placed in the center of the room. Those of us participating in the sound ceremony got into a comfortable position surrounding them. The ceremony would be led by these beautiful singing bowls that are created from earth crystals, minerals, and gemstones.  Each bowl correlates to a specific note, and each is also aligned with a part of the chakra system.  This session in particular had bowls that aligned with the heart, throat, and third eye chakras.  

While laying on a cushion and being immersed in a beautiful room, I wasn’t quite sure on what to expect with this experience.  I came into the session knowing I wanted to feel more aligned with my inner self and let go of any uneasy energy that I had been feeling. I had a lot on my mind. As the bowls began to vibrate and play their tunes I instantly fell into a deep state of presence. I was really in the now and don’t recall even thinking about much other than listening to the music coming from the bowls. The heavy energy inside of me was being lifted as I centered on the present moment. I was in a state of tranquility that stuck with me throughout the rest of the evening. This was exactly what I needed as the days prior I was struggling to fall asleep. These bowls do have great ability to provide healing, inner alignment, deep relaxation, and peace. My intention I had set for the ceremony was fulfilled.  

Lindsay did a phenomenal job in guiding the session and explaining the purpose behind it. She also described what each of the bowls were made of, their chakra alignment, as well as their note.  By the end of the session the bowls had moved and each one was aligned with a person. The bowl that was aligned to me was a rose quartz bowl, which represents an expression of the divine beauty of love. The Sound Ceremony opened up my understanding to healing crystals, stones, and the power of singing bowls. It introduced me to a new way to center my energy and to heal. Sound healing has numerous other benefits that include reducing stress, anxiety, and blood pressure. There are many practices and places that contribute to well-being, reducing stress, and aligning with your inner power and peace. Mama Medicine is one of those places- and for that I am grateful. 

Thank you to Mama Medicine. 

For more information on Mama Medicine visit https://www.mamamedicine.nyc/

Originally published at www.marlenerjennings.com