Every morning when I wake up and check my Whatsapp, few of my friends send me ‘Good Morning’ messages accompanied by a picture: a positive quote about life and winning at it.

The phrase ‘positive affirmations’ is certainly not something new to us psychology students. I remember quite vividly how back in our graduation, especially during our lectures on Counselling we often mentioned it, as one way for building one’s self esteem and confidence in the face of adversity.

It’s just been a few months that I moved to the other town to look out for better opportunities and sort out a few things. It is often misinterpreted that with psychologists, they are always level headed, even as we go through some of the very difficult days of our lives. When I started off this journey, it was actually pretty clear in my head, things that I wanna do and achieve. 

Sounds picture perfect, isn’t it..

But, it’s all easier said than done. It took me quite some time to accommodate and adjust to the new living: an absolute roller coaster ride. It’s tough especially when you are going through that phase where there’s no sense of security to back on. Also now that we live in a world that’s delicately circling around social media platforms, it is difficult when you see others ‘move ahead’, and enjoying in exotic locations, leading lives king size!!! Comparisons are bound to happen. There are times when you feel low about not knowing where it’s all going or think over our decisions again and again.

Since I’ve have embarked on this journey, I’ve had trying times, but along with that I’ve also had moments where nothing felt more better. There are many things that this journey has taught me and one of it is,

Importance of Positive thoughts: to fill your mind with nothing but good positive energy.

And why not: Mind is easy to wander. Too often we can be swept off by own emotions and thoughts. When we are undergoing through so much of pressure and upheaval, these positive thoughts actually do help to channel your focus on what you really want to do, keeping the distractions at bay.

There’s this thought board I have kept in my room, which has a few quotes I wrote for myself: the one’s that really motivates me and uplifts my spirits. (it’s really important to write them and put it up at a place where you can easily see and read, for we are all flooded with quotes and long texts that talk about positivity and encouragement, but unless we find the one that really guides us and write it down it continues to be nothing but a quote: that’s something that has worked out well for me, for I do see a change in the way I approach my issues and problems now). One such quote is:

“Anything would work out, if you put your mind to it”

I read this along with others on my board daily, first thing in the morning and right before I hit the bed. Not that it’s some magical chant that will set my life straight or make all the problems run away instantly. But it keeps me positive and motivates me to put my all in what I do.

In a world where many would try bringing you down or question you about your own choices, it’s nice to have your own support and love. Be with yourself. Speak kind for yourself. You’ll feel much better.