In a time where were depression and suicide rates are at their peak, in a nation that has virtually every opportunity every desire at their finger tips .
We live in a time where we are most connected than we have ever been with a computer/phonebook/ universe of knowledge in our hands. We have the ability to reach out to our families, our friends, distant ant relatives, perfect strangers, college roommates, potential dates, 3rd grade school mate instantly.
So why are are we lonelier and more disconnected than ever?
Through social media we have become conditioned to comparing our lives to those arounds us. Posting perfectly filtered images of our ideal lives. Often equating our self-worth with the number of “likes” received.
When I was younger, I worried about fitting in- with people and on-line. I just wanted to be like everyone else.
So I held in my opinions and ideas. I was afraid to be creative. I was worried that if people knew the real me, they wouldn’t like me. What was the result? I dulled my personality. I aimed to showed up as what I thought other people would approve people that didn’t even matter to me at the time!
Let me tell you – this perfection charade was exhausting! And it wasn’t serving me. I became self- conscious and longer than ever. I had enough!
One day I decided I did not care anymore. I began sharing my opinions and realities online. Once I started to share my human side with my friends list, you know what happened? People started reaching out to me. Genuine connections strengthen.
The first step… we must learn to be gentle with ourselves. We are spiritual beings living a human experience. You are deserving of love. You are enough. We are all a work in progress, trying to do the best we can.
Once you accept your truth and understand that you also have the power to recreate your truths, You will then have the confidence to maybe start to believe in yourself.
Let the outside world in on the tiny secret (maybe not so secret) that you are actually indeed human. (shocker?) You may find this will serve you as you gain more meaningful connections in life and business. Simply by being you. Doesn’t that sound easy?
So how can we start fostering genuine connections online?
  • Release the vail of perfectionism. I promise once you start to share your human side, people will reach out to you.
  • Be active. Like, share, comment on your friends post. No more quite observation!
  • If you have the time, invite someone to coffee. There is no substitute for face-to-face interaction.
  • When you are around family and friends, put away the devices.
  • Find a way to form deeper relationships. Be it a stranger, start small. Let it evolve if it clicks. Keep it casual.
I would like to challenge you to start sharing your truth.
Shedding the vail of perfectionism is uncomfortable at the beginning but that’’s where the magic happens.
Perfectionism is dead, it is boring! We are not meant to all be the same. We are all on these incredible journey of life. We are connected.
Lets get out there and make some genuine connections and show that we are human.
We may start to see a positive trickle effect on mental well-being of our country and a fun spark in out social life.