Smile, but do not speak?


Don’t you know it’s in my DNA?

I wont be quiet

I have so much to say!

Is it painful you ask? 

To live this way?

For one must be strong 

To speak truth all day…? .

What would hurt most I think 

Would be what would be going on inside 

If I had to hide 

Shackled in my throat 

Suffocating, with no vote 

No permission to speak up 

Worthless to fill my cup 

No freedom to write my song 

Singing my tune, going long 

That’s what would hurt so bad 

A prisoner in my head, so sad

We all are worthy of speaking out 

We all have a story to tell 

We can all share how we rose from hell

Together we can be strong

Use our voices to carry along 

Those still in a corner in a fetal position 

For those who remain in a fear frozen condition

Let’s help them get unthawed 

So they can join our voice-squad 

No, this is not pain 

Sharing gives a chance to gain 


That’s what I’ve received 

Pushing through obstacles and grief

If anyone is holding you back 

If anything got you off track 

Find your way 

You’ve got things to say 

Use your voice 

Don’t give yourself a choice 

But to be loud 

Wear it proud 

We can emerge alive 

Living to thrive 

Taking a deep dive

Exploring space in our vibe 

No holding back 

No hiding behind fear 

Rise to consistently live here 

In voice, we slay 

My pen shows me the way 

Taking me through the next doorway 

Then moving up my throat 

Giving me my next quote 

Writing my future 

A creative producer 

Of my next chapter 

The fearless factor 

Don’t you know it’s in my DNA?

Don’t even question the game I play 

Trust this is my way 

And where we can all live today


We can all share how we rose from hell

Together we can be strong







  • Jen Whitney

    CEO of Being Fierce

    Inspired and Inspire! Truth dweller of raw grit; exposed and naked on the page. Learning. Evolving. Emerging. What a ride! Co-parent to three. Director.  Poet. Writer. Space- Explorer. Transformed my life. Lost the mental weight, lost 60 pounds, created space, filled with self-love, now use the word impossible with caution. —— We are all worthy of self-respect and self-responsibility and we can prove it in our actions. Let's go get it!