Office moves can be stressful for the entire staff. But doing a few key things — planning in advance, getting the whole team involved, and spending just 10 minutes a day on packing and purging — can make it go so much more smoothly. A member of the Thrive Global community learned these tricks from experience. Steal them to make your own office move easier:

“I recently led a training team through a relocation from one state to another. In addition to our individual offices, we also had a huge training room to move. Amid extreme grumbling, I began by having everyone work together to purge and pack items each day for no more than 10 minutes. But the key was that we started two months in advance! 10 minutes seemed like nothing on a daily basis, but that translated to over six hours over a two-month period. That’s almost an entire work day! We hardly noticed such a small amount of time per day, but when the time came to move, we were ready.”

—Peg, writer, Raleigh, NC

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