Our family members are some of the most important people in our lives. But carving out quality time can be a challenge. When it feels like family time is sliding lower on our to-do lists, there’s a simple yet meaningful way to reprioritize it, and it starts with developing rituals.

Kendra Johnson from Atlanta, GA found that creating nightly rituals brought her family closer than ever before. And now, she has noticed her children making positive changes, too. “It feels good to see the kids wanting to follow in my footsteps,” Kendra said.

Put Kendra’s tip into action in your own life by developing a nightly or weekly ritual with your family. Consider the ideas below for inspiration on what your family ritual could look like.

Cook dinner together as a family one night each week.

Get your partner or children to find a recipe they’d be interested in trying. Or, come up with a theme for your meal, like meatless Monday or taco night.

Plan a weekly game night.

Get out those board games and hunker down for a night of family-friendly competition! 

Volunteer together. 

Whether it’s giving your time to a local organization you care about or finding ways to give back virtually, volunteering as a family is a great way to boost your well-being and strengthen ties with your community and each other.

Go for a walk after dinner.

A burst of movement after sharing a meal together will provide space for continued conversation — and yes, it’ll probably aid digestion, too! 

Learn a new hobby together.

Maybe it’s crocheting, learning some new dance moves, or practicing an instrument. No matter the hobby, developing a new skill or passion together is sure to bring you closer.

Keeping nightly or weekly rituals is a simple way to enjoy — and hold yourself accountable to — quality family time. Take your rituals one step further by turning off your phones and engaging in screen-free bonding.