The clue to spending a stress-free day at the office is not a miracle. Of so many things around us, it is easy to get distracted and maintain our focus. The distractions might be temporary and at times long-lasting. To avoid burnouts and blackouts we need to focus more on our work. It is difficult to keep that way. For many there are problems. There are issues at home, with kids, with family and so on. Even though they are not there at the moment at work, these issues can have a negative impact. There can be other overheads too, even without a family. So, teenagers and freshers are also often at stress because of external factors. And, these always lead to stress at work. Because one affects the other, some people tend to extend their working hours for no reason, because of a lack of focus and deliberately. Many times there are deadlines too.

Thus, for several reasons employees at the office can be under mental stress. This eventually leads to physical health issues like flu, cold and fever.

How to deal with them at work?

Starting your day well, with optimism and positive thought helps a lot. If you have a good nutrition, a good breakfast, had a good night’s sleep the day goes well. Avoiding stress from the very start, from the morning it makes a lot of difference.

Avoid stress by avoiding conflict zones

  • One of the important ways to avoid stress is simply to avoid conflict zones. Interpersonal conflicts always put a toll on the physical and emotional state. The mind gets affected and so does the body. You get out of focus, your work suffers, your deadlines are not met and this creates even more stress. Try to avoid deliberate fights over small things and arguments that are unnecessary. There are several opportunities when things get out of control and you might lose your patience. The whole idea is to remain calm.
  • Staying comfortable is one of the best ways to remain stress-free. If you are not comfortable in your clothes, position, location among others, these can quickly build up a lot of stress. Not having a comfortable sitting place, too warm or too cold place, all add up to the stress. These can be adjusted for some time, but not for long.

Be organize and be stress free

Similarly, try to be organized. If you start from the very beginning with the preparations for tomorrow’s office, clothes and laundry, any pending work and so on. This avoids rushing at the last minute. Even keeping your items organized helps you find things easily. Often an ignored aspect of avoiding stress is remaining organized, planning things properly, and reducing clutter. This helps in being efficient at work too.

Avoid multitasking, one work at a time

And, finally, avoid multitasking. Many people take up more than one work at a time and try to focus on them. This greatly reduces productivity, efficiency and increases stress. When working on big projects, shifting your attention from one to another is a major cause of missing deadlines, building upon stress and achieving nothing at the end of the day. 


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