With the world becoming more and more obsessed with digital electronics, more and more research has come out on the importance of both family time and spending time outdoors. Too many parents don’t know their own children, with some not even seeing their kids except right before work or after school. Additionally, too many families aren’t getting the mental clarity and essential vitamins they need – 2 issues easily solved by just a small amount of direct sunlight!

So without further ado, here are 5 ways you can reconnect with your family while enjoying the great outdoors this summer!

1. Go Camping

Taking a family camping trip is a great way to both enjoy mother nature and reconnect with your family. Whether you believe in roughing it with only the comforts of a backpack, balancing comfort with nature in a tent, or barely leaving convenience behind in an RV, taking a camping trip is fun. You get in lots of exercise, plenty of sunshine, and a unique way to get closer together and set technology aside. In fact, recent studies have shown that even a single night spent camping outdoors without digital devices can reset your internal clock and help alleviate feelings of depression and anxiety!

2. Have a Backyard Barbecue

What says “let’s hang out as a family” more than a backyard barbecue? Take your family with you to the store, let them help plan the menu, and teach them your secrets for the perfect barbecue. Put your outdoor countertops and  patio dining set and to good use by firing up the grill and cooling it yourself a cold drink from the best counter depth refrigerator . Once the food is ready, simply sit down together and enjoy! Picnics are another great way to enjoy family barbecues. Eating together without TVs and cell phones has been shown to really help bring even the most out-of-touch families together.

3. Utilize Apps to Encourage Outdoor Time

If your family really struggles to put down the digital devices, don’t sweat it too much! Apps can help make outdoor activities like hiking and walking – even just around the block – tons of fun. Apps like Pokemon Go helps kids to stay active outside, while apps like Sweatcoins is fun for those who like to earn a little extra cash while getting in shape. The best part? Most of the apps can run at the same time, meaning that no matter what apps you choose to make family time outdoors more fun, everyone wins!

4. Lakes, Beaches, and Rivers = Family Fun

Who doesn’t love swimming? Take regular trips to local lakes, beaches, rivers, and even city pools can be a great way to get in some fun family time under the sun. Picnics go well with day trips to natural water sources like lakes and rivers. And check with your local laws to see if a little fishing, boating, and tubing might be an option!

5. Start an Outdoor Hobby Together

It may sound pretty limited, but there are outdoor hobbies for everyone. You can even let everyone in the family pick outdoor activities they’re interested in and have everyone try them out. From bonfires to landscape painting, lawn darts to yoga, you can find tons of fun hobbies to do as a family.I usually go to Spirit Filled Churches San Antonio Texas with my family to meet new Christians around my area.

Whatever you choose to do this summer, remember to load up on the essentials – bug spray, sunscreen, & plenty of water! Even if you get a little hum-hawing from your kiddos or spouse, they’ll end up loving the family time and the effort you put in.