When a person manifests something that they intended to – that they consciously willed to have happened – it comes in one of two forms.  First, there are manifestations that come from a place of seeking relief from a painful state such as working hard for that promotion to prove I am smart and worthy of acceptance because I don’t feel like I am.  

Second, there are manifestations that come as a result or by-product of attaining a peaceful, calibrated emotional state based on something unshakeable and supportive.  These I am going to call the Miracle Manifests – the ones that always, at every step of the way, feel right and bring you joy.  Both of these forms can include the precisely same material outcome – the same job promotion, amassing the same amount of wealth, finding someone that you fall in love with.  

The difference between how the outcomes unfold and are experienced, however, is night and day.  

Living in harmony with a significant other, where both people feel happy and fulfilled is very different than divorcing three years later because of irreconcilable differences.  Getting a job promotion where your colleagues celebrate your success and wish to support you is much different than experiencing them resenting you and waiting for their opportunity to stab you in the back.  Making $100 million dollars and sharing in your success with people you love and trust is different than your wealth causing power dynamics to arise and create wedges in your dearest relationships or to trigger paranoia that those around you are trying to take it from you (a mere amplification of a scarcity mindset.  That is what money does – it amplifies whatever was there already).

The energy with which you create your life will inherently be a part of your creation.  It is like cooking – try cooking anything ambitious when you are in a bad mood or stressed out and see what happens.  It doesn’t turn out well … not like when you are enjoying yourself at a calm pace.  Your mental state is an energetic state, and it inherently defines the energetic states of your creations.

I do not wish to say it is a bad thing to manifest anything from a place of pain or restlessness – not at all – that point fails to consider the broader picture.  We have been created – and it’s true, man did not create ourselves – in such a way that there is a meaning for us in experiencing life out of alignment with who we truly are.  It seems to be part of our long-term education around following our internal compass for arriving at a more ultimate experience of joy.  But if we do not have awareness around this and what the better option is, manifesting what we truly want can illude us.


I am going to teach you the detailed mechanics of manifestation.  I am going to boil this down to some very clearly conceptualized energetic mechanics so that you can track yourself and know where you need to make adjustments.  But to do you the service I want to, I must start by making it clear that the most powerful thing you can do to create a life of Miracle Manifests is to commit to prioritizing above all else, your Alignment.  The deeper you can go down this rabbit hole the happier you will be. 

I am going to go into more detail about all these components in other articles but let’s take a look at a high level.  

To the left you have Source.  This is God – whatever you understand that to be – can be science-based, can be a religious understanding, whatever it is what source represents is the greater intelligence that underpins creation.  As much as our egos would love to believe we did, I will repeat that man did not create himself.  Something entirely unknowable to us did, and that is our Source and the source of the entire material plane – the earth, the planets, the stars, and the atoms and energy that make it all up – all a product of power beyond and greater than what we know.  

Then progressing to the right we have the Soul – now the soul is represented as this line here connected to and deriving from Source.  It is also located in a space here that is still in a spiritual realm – the soul is not incarnated, it is not physical but it is differentiated from source as an individualized representation or ambassador for it living in the same realm of source consciousness.  Your soul is divine – its pure source but it’s a unique expression of it with a unique experience.  

Then we move into this territory which is the mind space – it basically represents the human mind experience that we all have.  Yes, we all think differently but we are all of the same human nature, and that human nature mind is what this area represents.   The eye here in the middle represents a singular point of view or perception, so you can think of this as your mind’s eye – what you are putting your mental focus on at any given moment.  And this mind’s eye can go pretty much anywhere – it has free will – it can look over there or here or there – anywhere it wants except for this little line here which is where the soul comes from – it cannot perceive source, the mind is not capable of that.  

What this is meant to show is that in any given situation with any given stimuli that are presented in life, we have the free will to perceive it in any way that could possibly be conceived of.  Have you ever witnessed that?  Where someone else has an entirely different perception on reality than you after witnessing the same event?  Our reality is a matter of how we perceive it to be, not the other way around – we never receive objective truth through the mind – it is always processed through a consciousness that has tendencies, biases, and preferences and our evaluation and eventual judgment of it is always subjective.  

What I really want to show you is right here – the line that extends from source, as soul, through the mind and outwardly to what is called Aligned Manifestation or what I have termed it as the Miracle Manifest.  This line is one of an infinite number of potential interpretations that are available to us but this interpretation is special because this perception is a pure expression of source energy – it is the way in which we can both perceive and interact with the world in a way that allows for source flow through.  It is alignment with your soul – it is the doing or the perceiving of the thing in such a way that is the truest possible expression of your higher self.  So this line would be experienced as bliss, joy, empowerment, and fulfillment.  Happiness.  

This is the most important thing to understand about manifestation – that when you can manifest from this place here, you will move mountains you never thought possible.  You will make miracles happen and your mere existence will be a blessing to anyone who encounters you for you will embody the most authentic confidence, magnetism, and inspiration possible for a human being right now.

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