If my thoughts are energy and I can direct my thoughts to what I want to create, and if I do that with enough energy then according to this lesson, all my desires should come true.  But what if there is something that I have wanted for a really long time and I haven’t seen it come to life yet?  What is going on in that situation? 

The mechanics of manifestation have all to do with understanding what is at play within your conscious experience that would be preventing an energy build directed at and accessible to the vision you are looking to manifest.  Where there is the perception of stagnancy there is one of two things at play: either there is a fundamental discord with your higher self where the will of creation is in opposition with this manifestation at this time and your soul is not allowing it or, more likely, there is an energetic blockage that is preventing the energy either from building up so that there is enough of it to make that purchase or that is preventing it from transferring the energy you have built up to what you really want.  An example of this could be something conscious like you are too afraid to leave the financial security of your job for your passion, or something more subconsciously buried like you are afraid that having success will emasculate your father.  Since we touched on alignment in article #2 – Miracle Manifests, I will dive into the second situation and explain in more detail. 

One thing to realize about energy is that its natural state is to be in movement.  Our human energetic systems take in life force energy and it flows through us, represented by various elements of our physicality.  We are always connected (though at varying degrees) to a source of life force energy that resides in a different plane than in the physical, and this is what gives us life and perceptual consciousness and is known as our vertical relationship (i.e. our connection to Source).  We also process energy horizontally – as the result of cycling it with other people.  Humans process energy as emotions – that is how we understand where our energy levels are at and what form the energy we are interacting with is taking for us.  Our emotions are thus directly connected to our energetic experience.  If we are experiencing an abundance of energy, we are joyful.  If we are in a state of joy, our hearts are open and we are able to receive energy.

The force which blocks energy is categorically that of fear in its many shapes and sizes.  Thus, when we are experiencing any form of fear our energy flow is constricted, and if we are holding fear around a particular manifestation, that is going to impact its unfolding because it cannot effectively transfer.

In my Thought to Reality Roadmap, I have broken down the different energetic aspects to manifestation.  There are five stages – although they really exist simultaneously.  These five stages translate to ensuring you have enough energy, that it’s directed at the actual thing you want and that you can access it – meaning there are no beliefs that are subconsciously or consciously standing between you and getting what you want.  I will briefly touch on the three middle stages as the first stage has mostly to do with vision and Alignment and the final stage is a matter of amplifying (giving more energy to) your vision from a place of alignment, open channels and freely moving energy. 

1) Energy Build

In order to build up energy to land something in the manifest, you have to be able to, in a sense, “make deposits” of energy to that which you wish to see happen.  For example, if you are trying to get a job promotion, you put energy into your office politics and your work product.  If you are trying to find a life partner, you spend time dating and thinking about the future that you want to share with someone.  If you are trying to raise happy children, you think about their well-being constantly.  You invest energy where you want to see things grow.

This is perfectly sensible but what gets in the way of our ability to do this is the fact that we have a finite amount of processing power day today.  In this sense, our energy is finite.  It is governed by laws that dictate a balance – there must be equal energetic input relative to the energetic outputs in a system, otherwise, there will be a deficit.  A battery dies and cannot power an iPhone until it is recharged.  This happens to humans as well, and we have our own versions of “low power mode” which impact our emotions, our perceptions, and our physical health.  

Most people are not conscious of where they are spending their energy because energy loss is not always immediately obvious.  Sometimes we aren’t even aware of it until after an interaction is over (maybe during a conversation you felt very engaged and energized but when it is over you are utterly drained).  We are often manipulated into paying our energy to others in ways that are cloaked as positive or acceptable, but they leave us net negative.  We also lose energy through experiencing negative emotions. 

There are many examples of how we lose energy and how it can be leaked without our full awareness but the key takeaway is in order to have a surplus of energy to dedicate to making the things we want to happen, we need to have the energy to spend.  We cannot have given it all away to things, thoughts, emotions, and people that don’t move the needle for the manifestation in question.  You must learn that there is a quantitative element in question here.  Where your energy goes is where life grows and you do not have unlimited energy on the physical plane.  

Taking inventory around this and plugging energetic leaks is key for manifesting. 

2) Resonance Shifts

This aspect is at the heart of attracting and being attracted to those elements of the reality experience that are supportive of your desired manifest.  Wanting to find a partner who is both financially successful and also treats you with respect as an equal demands that you believe yourself to be an equal, and thus energetically reflect that.  Wanting to own a house on a posh street requires you to understand that to do so does not make you materialistic or at risk for losing your friendship circle.  If you do not shed such limiting beliefs, you are resonating with a guilt complex that does not support abundance and you will attract people who think the same way and who make decisions based on that understanding, making success harder.  If you wish to gain more respect from your colleagues but you do not feel strong enough to maintain personal boundaries, you will be energetically signaling your willingness to pay out your energy to others regardless of how much they pay you (i.e. how they treat you).  You will attract behavior that is also fear-based because you are operating from fear of rejection.  

Resonance is an atomic phenomenon – it is very real.  It is the reason we see color and hear sounds.  It is a fundamental property of all energy, including mental.  Shifting resonance patterns to ones that support well-being and manifestation and that move away from seeking and cycling negative energy that depletes systems is key to creating intentional flow and seeing desires come to life. 

3) Release of Dark Programming 

Last but not least is claiming freedom from fear around what you want.  On subconscious levels, there are so many aspects of ourselves that hold perspectives contrary to achieving what we want.  The part of you that feels bad if you make more money than your parents holds you back from success.  The part of you that fears rejection has created a whole series of stories around why you cannot actually pursue your dream.  The part of you that fears abandonment and existential denial of self-expression finds fault in all potential partners.  We sabotage our conscious desires constantly and we are not always fully aware of it.  The irony is that it is because we are not fully aware, consciously, of these fears that they hold power over us at all.  The solution to the problem of stagnation from fear is to bring awareness to the fears for the purpose of dissolving their legitimacy and dissipating their potency.  This aspect is key to manifestation as it allows for energy that has often been built up over time (how long have you wished for your true love?) to actually be cashed out.  A very important step – probably the most important.

 To recap, manifestation is more than meets the eye – there is universal energetics at play that can be understood and worked with to create.  We are always manifesting – every moment we are awake we are directing the creative capacities of our mind towards various things.  Developing consciousness around what those things are exactly and whether they are in line with materializing what we want is important, as well as what underlies the reasons we aren’t focusing on what we want or if we are, why we aren’t experiencing the benefits.  Last but not least, we discussed the concept of Miracle Manifests as being manifestations that occur from a place of true alignment with the soul and this is the basis for most of our work here in the Cadre.  Finding the strength to prioritize this above all else and trust our path is the true key here. 

There is much to discuss. If you missed the other articles in this series, you can view them here www.thriveglobal.com/authors/danalordlewis/.

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