The first principle of the energetics of manifestation is that thoughts are mental energy and the material world is physically impacted and arranged by this mental energy.  What do I mean by this?  I mean this in a much more profound way than simply when we want things to happen we decide this in thought and then behave in such a way as to make them happen.  It hardly says much about the power of mental energy to decide I am thirsty and move across the room to clutch my water bottle and bring it to my mouth.  That scenario does not capture my point.  

Instead, I would like to start speaking on an energetic level, for this level is the most foundational mechanism at play in our physical world and to understand how it operates in the material realm can open up access to higher planes of causation (or in other words, it can make us see the world in such a way that we realize we can truly create anything when we know how).  Because energy is not visible in raw form, and because not all forms of energy are measurable by current capabilities, its importance in this way is overlooked by most people. 

What matters now is that we recognize that energy is the genesis for manifestation.  This will be undisputed in scientific circles – that in order for any change in the physical universe to take place there must be sufficient energy directed in an ordered way that is capable of being accessed and transferred.  Boom.  Energy underlies all physical change from turning on a lightbulb to a seed sprouting to a flower, everything is an energetic system.  Humans have learned a vast number of ways of harnessing energy, and nature has infinite examples of it put to use to create, well, every single physical thing.

Without sufficient directed energy, specific manifestation does not occur.  A simple example would be if I wanted to move a chair in my bedroom from one side to the other, it would take a certain amount of physical strength for me to overcome the force of gravity to do so.  If I possessed the ability to access sufficient strength (energy organized and accessible in my muscles) as well as if I directed it properly (I pulled up rather than pushed down to move it) then I could accomplish this.  Conversely, if my muscles didn’t have the capacity to transfer the energy or if I could not access enough of it at that moment (maybe I was too tired) I would not be able to make the physical change to my environment.  Simple right?  

The same exact principles that apply to energetic physics apply to mental energy and its impact on material change in the world.  


Mental energy has creative capacity (in other words, thoughts matter and they influence matter).  This key understanding is foundational to the most ancient of philosophical and sacred texts.  From the ancient Egyptian philosopher Hermes, purported legendary author of the Divinely-inspired Hermetica and founder of Hermetic teachings first came the ideology that we live in a mental universe – that we all exist in the mind of the creator and as above so below, we are made in a like image.  The same creative will that spawned our physical space exists within us, within our minds, and it is through the mind we can exact this will through choice which creates reality.  

The Bible has been interpreted both for and against such a notion – the against position being one of complete subjugation of power to God, but the position espoused by the Divinely-channeled Course in Miracles is clear that there is no such thing as an idle human thought – that every thought contributes to and influences the unfolding of the material world.  We do not yet have a full understanding around how, from a physical perspective, this happens but as we grapple with the quantum field and the nature of electromagnetism, more and more theories are developing.  Doctor Joe Dispenza has a helpful take on the physical mechanics of this – suggesting our thoughts are the electric energy component and our emotions are the magnetic component and together they intersect with the backdrop of the electromagnetic field and influence matter.  I like it, it’s simplistic, catchy.  But there will be deeper realization as we progress in quantum understanding and in our ability to measure and observe energy and with those discoveries will come enhanced mental and psychic capacity. 

Everything is made up of energy, we know that.  And we know that energy is needed for anything to manifest.  In order for change to take place there needs to be energy directed in the appropriate way for that to happen – a seed needs a certain amount of sunlight to grow, a guitar string needs a certain pressure to make a sound, an electric toothbrush needs a certain battery charge to vibrate, and so on, its all a matter of energy.  In this same vein, sufficient investment of mental energy in a concept is needed to bring it to life.  

We can think of mental energy as it relates to manifestation analogous to money as it relates to buying something.  Sometimes you have to save up money to make a big purchase and with energy, it’s the same, you have to create a build and that build needs to be allocated to what you wish to create.

This investment can be predominantly mental.  Because our thoughts are creative energy, when you think about your vision, picture it, and plan it out, this is investing energy in it.  It is from our minds that we create, not just in concept and theory but in a very tangible sense, in a way that, though perhaps not fully understood, the perceptual reality around concentrated mental energy begins to organize.  Things start to happen unexpectedly.  Perhaps my boss gets another job offer and quits, providing me a bigger promotion even earlier than I had hoped for, maybe I couldn’t find a taxi so I had to take the subway, on which I met my future spouse, or what if I lost my job, moved back in with my parents and in the process experienced a creative inspiration for a business idea that ended up making me a multimillionaire.  

No one can deny the mystery and power of this place we find ourselves in … so why not use that mystery and that power for your own happiness and fulfillment?  You have the power to define what you see.  You can make everything your enemy or every single thing your ally.  You can work in partnership with the greater forces underlying creation.  All you have to do is continue to learn how.

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