Spiritual Awareness

What is awareness

People often confuse concepts such as “awareness” and “awareness”, as well as “awareness” and “observer position”. 

What is the difference between them and what is awareness in reality? Awareness is a kind of understanding, insight, insight, reflection if you like. 

Whatever you do, whatever you think, whatever emotions and feelings you experience, as soon as the effect of “bingo” appears and a deep understanding of the causes of what is happening, you can talk about awareness. 

This is a state of consciousness of a person in which he seems to “see” or “feel” himself as if he were looking from the outside. 

We need awareness to evaluate our own actions, obtain information about ourselves, and understand what factors and how to affect our life.

If you want to live life to the fullest, to be successful, fulfilled, and harmonious, then you cannot do without awareness. 

When you begin to realize what is happening, you cease to be a thoughtless cog in the mechanism called “life in the material world.” 

You are no longer a robot with a set of programmed functions, but a creator of your reality. 

Starting to realize yourself as a whole person, dealing with the true reasons for your actions, behavior, ways of reacting, inner experiences, way of thinking, you begin to possess information with which you can make positive transformations in your life in all directions.

Spiritual Awareness

Awakening to spiritual awareness is choosing to see God at work in your life, as it always happens and has always happened — not the way you would like it to be.

Some people see spiritual awareness as a departure from a burden that is too heavy to carry on its own.

Spiritual awareness of the world

The presence of a spiritual component is very important for our life. It is impossible to know the fullness of being, content with only its material part. 

The search for the meaning of life, the study of the laws of the universe, connection with the spirit in the inner and outer life – all this is spiritual awareness. 

And this is not just abstract reasoning about the secrets of the universe, but, first of all, the study of your microcosm in its unity with the entire structure of the world. 

This is the awareness of all that is – internal and external – as a whole. In addition, we are talking not only about knowledge and understanding, but also a state that reveals God inside each of us fills with light, gives strength and support in life.