What does it mean to be inextricably connected to another person, to another spiritual being. What are soul contracts anyway? When can you know what has exceeded its terms, or when one needs to be invited back into your experience for fulfillment?

In this short article I want to identify the intersection of law with regard to contracts and spirituality, or more aptly, spiritual contract law. Bring into your awareness the opportunities that are presented to you in various relationships at this time in your life. Taking note also of the familiarity of lessons that need mastery, posing in new experiences, and people, as not to repeat them.

Firstly, each person with whom you have a relationship, whether friend, spouse or family member, has a spiritual connection to you, i.e. a spiritual contract. It may be that you are soul mates, soul antagonists or from the same soul group. The point is they are in your lives for a reason. It is now the time to use extreme discernment in analyzing those relationships and the underpinnings of the contractual bond, and ascertain if this is still in your highest good.

Secondly, the relationships that are bringing you pain, are those most intimate ones. Those are the relationships where the deepest lessons that you are required to master, lie. Take inventory of the feelings, insecurities that erupt inside of you when dealing with this person. Choose to learn the lessons that you need to and move beyond the pain. Choose understanding, compassion and forgiveness and let go of the struggles.

Thirdly, you may perhaps decide that moving beyond the person is the choice you need to make. Decide if you want to continue the cycle with this person. Or if you are ready to release the duties of the contract, having fulfilled the terms. Having learned the lessons needed. Such lessons can be in compassion, forgiveness or empathy, can range in circumstances and individuals, but nonetheless is still in a contract form. You can singlehandedly make the contract moot by fulfilling its terms, i.e. you will be free of the painful bond.

Fourthly, identify those that may be more removed from you, and choose if you want to bring them into your experience. To walk with them to a higher degree of understanding and perpetuation of your purpose. Nurture the bonds that inspire you, that uplift you and support you in transforming your life. These are the eternal love contracts, these are made in Heaven.

This time is a valuable one. Make sure you are acknowledging what you are creating. Make sure you are aware of the power of your intentions, and set out to connect to your highest good in transforming to a new life cycle. Dream big, and stress less.





Originally published at medium.com