In February, I was gifted with a dog. All my adult life I had feline companions and was under the very false impression that dogs are just like cats – they certainly aren’t. Dogs require much more from their human companions: more nurturing, more time and training.   

Roxy, my Blue Heeler, requires a lot of interaction and exercise so I thought I would make my life and hers easier by taking her to the dog park. Little did I know that it would present me with another spiritual expansion opportunity.

Why Don’t They Like Me?

I don’t have kids – and for years I’ve listened to clients talk about “the mommies” not liking them. Of course, from the perspective of a coach, I understood that it was about the individual and we moved through the pain of feeling “not enough”.  All those client calls did not prepare me for the dog mommies’ clique. Instead, I was taken back instantly to my younger days, showing up with my shiny self and feeling the sting of rejection. When I approached the dog mommies, I was all ready to create and have new friends. I said hello, they said hello, and bam! there it was – that energetic bite of “you’re not one of us.” Why? I couldn’t figure it out. My dog played nice (mostly) with their dogs. They welcomed and loved Roxy. Why didn’t they want to chat with me about their lives? Why didn’t they want to know about mine? It took me a couple of months to finally realize, wait – there’s nothing wrong with me, I’m whole and complete. The dog moms are just not my peeps. We were never going to click and that’s okay. I could let the feelings of “not enough” go and allow everything to be superficial.

The experience also evolved my understanding that just because you offer people love doesn’t mean they are going to receive it or take you up on it.

Now I let Roxy do all the interacting with the dog mommies and in doing so, the renegades of the park have found me. Those individuals who are outsiders and want more than to be part of the “club”.

Finding Your Tribe

When you profoundly accept yourself and invest the time and energy to continue to accept yourself, your tribe WILL find you. In accessing that deep approval of yourself, you turn up your attraction meter and allow others to be more comfortable in their own unique skin. 

So, what beliefs do you have that keep you from knowing, seeing and being in connection with your tribe? How can your Soul support you letting go and turning towards the truth that you are whole and complete?

The Invitation

What might happen if you approached every new situation with the consciousness of “I find an audience wherever I go”? What could happen then? How do you need to open up to being more loved, adored and cherished?

Now, when I walk into the dog park, I realize that it is Roxy’s place to shine and I can sit back and know that I will find my people, or they will find me, because that is my intention.