Many identify spiritual power as a connection with an unseen, energetic force conjuring images of Luke Skywalker or Buddhist monks. The concept is seemingly out of reach for average people going about their daily routines. A clarifying viewpoint of spiritual power was shared earlier this month by leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints during General Conference.

They said spiritual power comes as we hear, hearken to and heed the words of Jesus Christ, the Son of God and Savior of the world. As we learn and obey His teachings, we are blessed with a greater capacity to feel peace, gain additional insight and we’ll have stronger relationships. Knowing God hears our prayers of faith brings peace and guidance to our lives.

How do we access this spiritual power? Church leaders counseled, “If ye are prepared, ye shall not fear.” We can prepare by filling our personal spiritual storehouse with faith, truth and testimony. Stand in holy places and be not moved. Pray to hear the messages the Savior has for you. Faithful living provides the strength and blessings needed to find our way forward with hope.

During times when we are surrounded by uncertainty, what helps most is to hear Him and listen with the intent to obey. This is the pattern for success and joy in life. They encouraged that our efforts be more intentional, with daily immersion in the word of God being crucial. We grow in spiritual power when we make repentance a joyful part of our lives and strive to listen to and obey Him.

We have divine potential and eternal worth. As we learn to lay aside the world, those things that could distract or delay our spiritual progression, the Lord will recognize and reward our effort. Our commitment to progress in striving to follow the Lord brings eternal rewards as we receive continuing revelation, sharing His love with others.

Contrasted with the negative and hopeless messages readily found on Internet news sites or social media, these gentle and sweet reminders of eternal truth spoke to my soul. Regardless of circumstance, Jesus Christ is our Savior. Having faith in Him, humility and seeking truth with real intent will open the windows of heaven to us. We will never be left comfortless.

While I at times clumsily navigate life, I receive blessings from heaven as I listen with the desire to follow the Lord. I continue to feel a calmness and hopeful optimism during this very strange time of staying home (Covid-19). This is spiritual power the Lord has given me. I am grateful that God continues speaking to His children and sharing His power. We can experience that power as we take the time to listen, study and obey.