Ego Self V Inner Self

Those times I ignored my inner voice are when I have allowed my head to rule, my ‘ego’ to conquer and the fear within, to control my thoughts. Any actions created from that dark place of lack and unworthiness, led to results that are never great! Most of us understand it, as our ‘gut’ instinct, although this is only the tip of the intuition iceberg.

Head, Heart and Soul

I have always honoured the relationship between my head, heart and soul. The innate beauty of connection to self. Why are so many unhappy, lost and confused? It’s that spiritual disconnection between head, heart and soul, that causes such angst.

The continual pushing and pulling between what we think we want, what we’ve been told we want, and what we actually ‘know’ inside, we need! The old stories that are running subconsciously in the background, that we don’t even know are there, ruling our every move! But there is an internal guidance system we very often ignore!

We have to remove the old recordings in our brain to truly start anew. We also have to re-tune into our intuition to truly listen to our hearts.

Spiritual Rutbusting, is required because people are stuck not in the finding of what they want, they can think this through easily. No, they are stuck in the fear of ‘knowing’ what they want, has to radically change who they are now.

That’s when fear steps in, it all becomes too hard! People retreat quickly back into their comfort zones rather than meet with their fear. I too did this while I was stuck in my rut for many years!

I worked on my mind, but unless the new habits I learned stuck, I would ease back into that comfort zone like my favourite recliner chair. I learned the hard way, we must start to get comfortable feeling uncomfortable, for that is the premise of change!

The decision to reveal and become their authentic self, and the significant upheaval this will bring, keeps people ignoring their intuition and calling, purely to keep themselves safe from the consequences of change!

The fear of God!

It’s the idea of ‘life force’ surging through our veins, the misunderstood evolution of a higher power (God), the unfamiliar connection to wholeness and being limited by nothing, which creates confusion, fear and spiritual paradox.

What does it mean to live? Do we go within, and then just sit and wait? No, you don’t have to go without either, you have to accept the paradox that their are many truths and do what is true for you, and you alone. There is the learning in a nutshell, so be it, and it is done! Not so!

Many of us have a great aversion to the term ‘God’. We can hear its meaning, only in a religious sense. However, the more work I do on myself spiritually, the less squeamish I’m becoming to the true understanding of God, not in any religious realm. Connection to the Infinite, whereby we become truly one with ourselves, and with source.

A Rut Is Just A Pattern Of Behaviour

We work on the external, pretending its not! What do I mean by that? How are you showing up in your life in the present moment? You don’t think about what’s happening on the inside, you worry about how you look to the silent observers, everyone around you, you worry about what they think and what they see! Their perception of you. Their reality! You don’t have spiritual resilience yet, whereby you have a strong relationship with self. Your actions then would be guided as being correct for you, regardless of the external view.

We look forward to fulfilling your dreams and goals. All worth the doing, by the way! As long as your actions are going to be beneficial to humanity, who’s going to stop you or get in the way? Unfortunately it is you, my friend, that will!

There is so much more to transformation, than identifying patterns of behaviours cognitively, overuling the thoughts that no longer serve you, and focusing on a dream! This is why sometimes on it’s own, rutbusting just doesn’t work! Spiritual rutbusting, now that’s an entirely different beast! Working on the whole of you, both inside and out energetically.

Is this the reason so many of us feel lost? What exactly are we connecting with these days? We can interact with people without ever seeing them via the internet. We can go for days without human contact if we choose too! We’ve lost who we are, ergo our way!

To right this wrong, we have to work more from within, but not by going without! The most important question that you may need to ask yourself is, ‘Who am I?’ If you can’t answer this question you’re spiritually bereft. If you are not connected to your inner self, you are a vessel without a captain meandering on the seas.

Don’t ignore your inner calling. It will take you to where you want to go!

You can break patterns of behaviour. Oh yes, indeed, as a ‘Rutbuster’ Coach, I see this happen all the time, but its an incomplete transformation, which may not last long! If you are not developing a relationship with self, this is a complete waste of time!

Your internal, creates your reality in the external world. You are who you ‘think’ you are, no more or no less! All well and good, but answer me this? … How do you feel? Most of the time I ask this, here is the reply, “I feel like sh*t!”

Do you ever ask yourself, about your emotions, and the energetic patterns you have created there? What comes first, the thought that creates the feeling, or the feeling that creates the thought? Yep, another chicken and the egg! Your patterns of behaviour when confronting fear may not be articulated with thought straight away, but you will feel the discord almost instantly! Room to play here, wouldn’t you agree?

Remember Your Sixth Sense. Please!

Most people think of only their five senses as important, forgetting the sixth! Intuition…. the master of guidance is left unattended most of the time. The power it can bring you is unchallenged in anything I’ve seen. A true transformation as a Human Being!

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