When I work with clients or teach The Anxiety Release Method, I include the ‘4 levels of health’:

Mental Health – Sensibility 

Emotional Health – Sentiment

Physical Health – Strength 

Spiritual Health – Sacred  

I believe that without all 4 components in balance, healing of any kind will be a temporary fix rather that a long-term resolution.

Spirituality is a buzz word that can often get misconstrued. Some believe that being spiritual is ‘cool’, however what many people don’t realise is that we are ALL spiritual. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. 

To be ‘spiritual’ is to be conscious, to be aware, to be mindful, to be open and receptive. This means that it is an ever-evolving practice to stay connected to a source which is greater than you. Believing in God, energy, higher source, Allah, Buddha or whatever isn’t really relevant in the scheme of being spiritual. The object or source of your worship doesn’t make you more or less conscious than the next person. It simply means that you have a slightly different belief system.  Anyway, I digress..

Why is nurturing your sacred self so important in regards to maintaining good mental and emotional health? When we are off balance mentally and emotionally and we can’t seem to pull ourselves back I find the most powerful thing to do is surrender to the Higher Power. Surrender and have faith. Sometimes in life you can feel so challenged that you’re overwhelmed, no amount of journaling can help and you have to ask your angels, the great energy – whatever it is that you believe in, to step in and help.

How can you become more spiritually aware/conscious?

Meditation – They say that prayer is talking to God and meditation is listening. Change the word God to whatever you believe in but seriously, start a meditation practice. It will be so worth it. Do it regularly for best results.

Mindfulness – Becoming more present with all that you do in your life. Even the action of eating can become more pleasurable because you are simply in a state of awareness. Turn the TV off and be present.

Become aware of signs – Number sequences. Butterflies. Robins are often a sign of past loved-ones or spirit guides.

Reiki or crystal healing – Working on the subtle energies of the body and mind.

Breath work – ‘Pranayama’ as it is called in Sanskrit, is an amazing way of controlling the energy flow through the body and enabling you to connect with a higher source.

Yoga – Meaning unity. Unite body, mind and soul with this practice. There are many different types of yoga so look for one that suits you.

Nature – Go hug a tree! Sounds daft but simply listen to the sounds of Mother Earth. Walk on the grass in bare feet too – great for grounding.

Read – Read books on spirituality. Feel into what is right for you and start to enhance your knowledge on the subject. Everything happens in divine timing so the right book will appear at the right time for you.


Love & light,