Energy Healing

An energy healing my feel like an “out there” concept to you. Many entrepreneurs think analytically and focus on the facts that they can see and touch. However, everything around you is made of energy, the air you breath, the ground you walk on, the people that come in and out of your business all bring a vibrational energy. Have you ever met someone and immediately got a bad feeling? That was their energy. 

By visiting an energy healing practitioner, you can help release negativity that you may not even be aware that you are holding inside of you. Any negativity that you are holding can and will negatively impact your business. When you feel lighter the other energies around you flow more easily. 

Have you ever heard the saying, “like attracts like”. This is true of your own vibrational energy too. When you are feeling positive and exuding positive vibrations, you will attract positivity into your life, and ultimately into your business. When you are feeling down and focusing on the negativity, you will continue to attract more negativity into your life. That too will affect your business. 

I have seen the effects of energy healing work magic in my own businesses. There have been times when I felt like I was in a dark hole and couldn’t escape. During these times, my relationships suffered, my family felt helpless, and my business took a hit. My darkness and negativity attracted more darkness and negativity. 

I was feeling lost and didn’t know where to turn. Thats when I was introduced to an energy healer who helped turn it all around.I scheduled an hour long appointment with her. During our session, she did acupressure while helping walk me though the things that were blocking my energetic fields and causing the negative thoughts to continue to surround me. As we were talking though each of the aspects that I had been struggling with, I could feel the weight on my shoulders lifting. 

By the end of the session, I noticed a huge difference in the way my body and my mind felt. I could feel a lightness that I hadn’t felt in a long time. Over the following week, my business began to thrive again. I had more bookings in the week following my healing than I had in the weeks leading up to that experience. I also felt more open to opportunities that presented themselves. These opportunities turned out to be huge exposure for my business in new ways that I never imagined. 

While you may think this is all coincidental, I believe that the shift that was made within me definitely contributed to the ability for abundance to flow to me. 

When we are feeling stagnant as business owners, our business reflects that. We are unable to recognize new and different opportunities that will help us and our businesses grow. Without the ability to recognize and capture these opportunities, we stop growth. 

Even if an energy healing isn’t something you have ever considered, there is nothing wrong with giving it a try. Release the stigma that it is a hippie or religious experience. If you remain open to the experience, the experience can show you a new way of thinking that may just bring a new flow of life into your business.