First of March in Nairobi, Kenya.

Looking forward to new beginnings, filled with gratitude and laughter.

Looking backwards 4 years down the line, I thank Arianna for giving me the opportunity to open and contribute for these years to the Huffington Post Online Platform, where we discussed and ignited minds on development and humanitarian issues, culture and sustainable lifestyles, United Nations Work and Traveling around the World to make an impact.

2014. My first Huff Post blog article, where I was transitioning from Brussels to Rome, from the Private to the International Organization system, making a giant leap into my professional life, working in Ethics in one of the most fascinating cities in the world, breathing Italian history and marvelous culture. My head was on firm and loyal Love. (Distance broke us apart).

2018. My first Globe Thrive Post, speaking deeper and with more bravery about my most favorite topic of all. Love (again), with a more aware and conscious understanding of the challenges of a True, Big and Trustworthy Love, made of laughter, respect, listening, time, and distance sometimes (not for long this time).

The ability to be alone, sleep and meditate, be guided by a constant role model and a life teacher, able to listen to you, understand you and mentor you are the three main features of my new beginnings. Writing for a Purpose, Writing to Speak Up, to allow Feelings to flow out, like a positive energy of smiles of people around you (the Power of People to me).

Passing knowledge on the realization of the importance of Patience, Time, to digest information and events. The paramount essence of Not giving up, Not rushing, Listening, Smiling, Waiting.

Be hungry, Be foolish, as Steve Jobs used to say. I still believe in it. Hungry for Knowledge, Taking one question at the time, reply, and the, ask even more questions. Curiosity for Life.

Be always willing to open your Heart to do things you do not know or you do not understand. You will understand them one day, why they happened the way they did, why now and not before, why before and not now. Life is a huge jigsaw that we understand all along the way. We surely do not wake up knowing everything (Life will definitely be too simple and easy).

Have good friends around you, who can advise you on what they think it is best for you. Then, make your own decisions. Follow your Heart 100 %. If you do not what to do, first- Sleep on it, the answers will come.

Through this platform I hope to instill Hope, Knowledge, with Tips on Reading, Musical Platform and World Music to truly appreciate every aspect of life and know how to make decisions and move on.

It is an open platform and you are welcome to ask any questions that you need support with. You can send me by mentioning me on my twitter account @GaiaParadiso.

Know thyself first. This is the first lesson that we need to apply every day in our lives. Once we strive to get to know ourselves, the best and worst of us, we will be able to fully love others. Until that day, you can count on me.

My aim is for your Spirits to catch fire and unleash your potentials to be who you were in your essence, and what you truly want to become (or you have always known but you forgot in your growth) in this current lifetime.

Dig into your essence and release your power.