It’s no wonder why we feel so good when we spend time in the natural world. Whether it’s a walk through the woods or a swim in the sea, being out in nature can be absolutely inspiring. The natural world of full of spiritual energy that we will be taking a look at.


One of the most important parts of manifestation is energy. Everything that exists holds its won specific energy levels, with high energy levels being associated with positivity. So it’s no wonder that the highest energy levels can be found in nature. On top of that, being close to the natural earth is so powerful for grounding.


Gardens are an incredibly spiritual place because of how they are used. In gardens, we grow life and feed Mother Earth. We fertilize the soil, nurture its offspring and then consume its fruits. It is a hands-on part of the circle of life and that is so incredibly positive for your own wellbeing as well as the earth’s.


While being earth and plants is an incredible experience, the same can be said of water. In this case, I mean bodies of natural water such as lakes, rivers, and seas. As the vast majority of the earth is made up of water, being in these natural pools allows you to make an incredible connection to the planet. It’s also a place of incredible and unique life with fish, birds, and incredible mammals like dolphins or whales.


The earth is an incredible, spiritual place. If you get the time, it’s always worth spending among nature. You will feels so much better and your soul will thank you.