The pandemic has been a difficult time for many people. We have had our lives changed in ways we’ve never experienced before and many have lost people. It has been an incredibly difficult time for everyone. Everyone has been trying to get through it in their own way and this post will explore how spirituality has got me through it personally.


Meditation doesn’t come easy to me but it is something that had helped me a lot. At first I had a lot of intrusive thoughts as I struggled with lockdown. Being on my own so much was very hard and I let negativity creep into my brain. With mediation, I was able to just be alone and be ok with it. I was able to breathe and suddenly, I felt less like I was being passed by by life and more like I was allowing it to naturally go.


Lockdown can feel endless but manifestation helped me find the end. It’s one of the things I would focus my energy on and I always believed that things would get better. I manifested positivity, happiness, and love as well as health for people across the world. Reflecting on the lockdown is another great way to manifest the good things moving forward because it allows you to move on.


I don’t pray often but it his something I did to help me get through lockdown. Typically I’d focus my prayers to the universe and hope for goodness in the world.


Nature is a wonderful place to be if that’s possible for you. I’d take walks in the woods and through nearby fields and just take in the feelings going on. Nature is an incredibly spiritual place with a multitude of life all around you. You’d be surprised how much spiritual significance things like insects, birds, and other woodland critters have.


Spirituality was an enormous help for me through the pandemic. It allowed me to slow down and understand my emotions and be ok with them as well as helping me look forward to the pandemics end.