All my life I wanted to understand “why”. What is the purpose of  life? Perhaps my wonder was because I was born and raised by Mary Poppins and the Mortician. Death was a daily part of my reality so it made me ponder my existence. I also learned about joy and compassion for others growing up in that household. Spirituality at that time in my life came in the form of religion. I was raised Catholic but it never made sense to me. How could a newborn baby who was not baptized, due to no fault of their own, be sent to “limbo”? How could a loving elderly man who was not Catholic be banished from heaven as well? I did not find Spirituality in the “form” of a religion. I did however find the basics like “Love thy brother as thyself” rang true for me. I set out in life being the best human being I could be. 

Over the years I realized that having common sense kept me on the right path. I didn’t know where to get it but I did recognize that when I had it, it guided me on an easier path than siblings who seemed to be more short changed on common sense than me! I also realized that having a loving feeling provided more access to creativity,    forgiveness, peace of mind, kindness, productivity etc. This knowledge helped me to focus more on the positive and to have faith in common sense being a part of me.   

It wasn’t until I was a stressed out ICU nurse that I learned something that opened my eyes to the Answer I had been seeking. I found “The Missing Link” to understanding  the human experience. This changed my life dramatically. I understood how my mind worked and couldn’t help but have less stress and more joy. I also learned how to connect to my inner resource, my spiritual nature. I have been sharing this understanding with clients for over forty years. Nothing makes me happier than to wake people up to their innate mental well being. 

In the foreword, Dr.George Pransky writes “ This book, The Missing Link, connects the spiritual nature and the psychological nature of humanity. It shows the reader that these facets of life are, and always have been, ONE- just as seven days and one week are two different terms denoting the same unit of time.” 

The author of The Missing Link, Sydney Banks wrote “ The world in the form of nature is a reflection of the human mind, which creates an illusionary gap between the spiritual and the physical. This gap, in turn, creates the duality of life. Trapped in this duality, our minds become full of disillusionment and lostness. “Find the spiritual wisdom that will guide you from within. This is where you will find the feelings of love, understanding and contentment.”  “Thought is the Missing Link that gives us power to recognize the illusionary separation between the spiritual world and the world of form.” This all makes sense to me.

So for me Spirituality is part of me every moment of every day. I may not always be aware of that fact but I can’t get away from it! It is who I am. It is only Thought that obscures my connection to my true self which is a spiritual being living in a physical reality!