There are many countries around the world that take sports seriously. Just take a look at the Olympics and you can see which countries invest big dollars into the development of their athletes. Then there are other countries like Mexico which have so much potential but a lot of the people don´t have the vision of developing sport as part of the culture.

I recently met a 10 year old girl and 11 year old boy who are divers, one of the Olympic sports where Mexico has had success. While talking to their coach I found out all the troubles they had gone through to just be able to train. The government only gave them $1000 pesos a month each. (About $50 dollars). After watching them train I realized that these kids were not just divers, they had amazing talent and decided to start a movement called ¨Cambiando la historia¨(Changing history). So I sent an email to a database I have of brands, companies and marketing directors to see who would be interested in sponsoring this kids.

No one replied!:( The people that fill the country clubs on the weekend who could easily get involved in helping are too busy spending their money and their kids who have the resources to develop their talent usually by the time they are 16 or 17 are too busy partying and fall to the social pressure of being teens.

But amongst all this people a few years ago I found a company called ¨PEGASO¨who was the one that brought the Abierto de tenis de Acapulco twenty five years ago, and this year is their biggest celebration. Organizing the ATP event and bringing stars like Nadal, Del Potro and others. Next month I will be covering the event in Acapulco not just to write stories about the scores but also about the community in Acapulco and some of the positive things this tournament has brought to that city over the years.

I am hoping that in the very near future my brand Dream Big can be in a position to start investing in the lives of future stars. I was fortunate that my father had the economic means to take me to a tennis court when I was 7 yars old and the sport changed my life forever.