Orange Digital House, where young women & mothers get IT & computer training, acquiring the skill set they need to compete in the job market (c)Soroptimist Club Mandrosoa, Antananarivo – Madagascar

This image inspired me today.

In a world full of needs and unquenchable desires, I observed more today and I found a light. The light of courageous women, pursuing a six months course in IT, technology and computer literacy, to prepare themselves to enter the job force. For their economic empowerment, financial stability, independence from violent partners, and to pave the way for a brighter future for their small babies, holding them in their arms today.

The group of students, awarded the certificate for completing the course in IT and computer technology, on 14 December 2019, in Antananarivo, Madagascar

I believe that, to improve and build a great country, full of enlightened, culturally-aware & conscious citizens, we need more education, more skills and more willingness to pursue technical courses, without leaving the family behind.

Courageous women, determined and persistent in choosing to learn more and prepare for a better future, are of highly value to society as a whole

By just observing them, their smiles…by listening to the words of gratefulness and of fatigue – perceptible to the naked eye- due to child caring by themselves and studying at the same time, and all-related transport and schedule to adjust according to the days of the course and to children’ needs….they made me Believe More.

Believe that Anything is Possible, if you really believe in it too, everyday of your life. Believe that you are learning, that everything will be better, there will be brighter days.

Believe that your Determination will pay back. Never be discouraged by the sadness or darkness around you. It is not you, it is them, or it is the set of sad circumstances or the uncaring of communities that made what you are seeing so incredibly miserable for the people living in that specific context.

Instead of screaming (inside or outside you), observe more. Listen to your inner self more. There is always a solution. There is always a light (like the song: there is a light that never goes out). You grow stronger by knowing what happens around you. More cynical, perhaps, more ironical, perhaps, but more conscious and better prepared, that is for sure.

The Light I saw today was the Smiles. That Gratefulness for that Certificate. That piece of paper that can open doors and new horizons. A piece of paper that can change their lives, offering new beautiful opportunities. Better lives, better health, better living.

Maybe now I understand a couple of more things about Life, which are….see below:

  1. The more you know the less you feel – TRUE(U2 song- City of Blinding Lights)
  2. A good friend of mine, a while ago, kept asking me if i wanted to embark on the red pill or blue pill journey of Matrix, either by choosing the red pill– harsh knowledge, desperate freedom and the brutal truths of reality, or the blue pill – the luxurious security, the blissful ignorance of the harsh realities of life, living a tranquil life and an illusion of happiness- although I believe a good balance between the two would be ideal, perhaps the red pill is necessary to make us feel more alive and fight everyday for a cause. Also: maybe, by taking the red pill, we will live less time, but more intensely.

It is a matte of how we are seeing the world, how we read and interpret the signs. Wanting to see the Light is a constant daily effort, to motivate ourselves & encourage the others that a flowery and happier future is possible and exists (like in the best romance and comedy movies) but we are the first ones who need to believe in it.

With time and age we tend to lose the ability to see the Beauty of Love, the Beauty of Music, the Beauty of Art, of Cinema, the Beauty of Nature and all the things surrounding us and making us alive. Let us sing, cheer, dance, laugh with our friends.


and….Serve More. This is another great source of Energetic Love.

Ordinary Love– U2