The Holiday season is known for a lot of things. Joy, excitement, family time, presents, décor, carols just to name a few. While celebrating the holidays this year will be one for the books, we can hope that it still brings us some cheer.  If you are in the job market, you may be looking forward to a nicely wrapped present under the tree but more importantly you are earnestly hoping for that job with or without the bow. The good news is that there are a lot of companies hiring in December. 

For some companies, they start their hiring process in December, based on budgeting and other factors. This is a busy time of the year for most, and enough attention may not be devoted to job search. If that applies to you, you can turn on notifications if available on job sites, so that once the job is posted, you are alerted.  

There are some important things that you need to do now. Make sure that your cover letter and resume are the best representation of you. Cover letter is what gets the attention of the hiring manager, and you want to retain their attention. Keep in mind, they are very busy individuals, so the first few sentences have to catch their eye. As a result, it is important to tell your cover letter story in a way which makes you relatable and relevant. 

Resumes have long been the standard determinant of getting a job. It is a piece of document which precedes you. It’s like someone finding out about you in your absence, what are they going to find out? Therefore, it is important to ensure that your resume captures your professional essence beautifully. 

So, while the holidays may be different this year, don’t let your holiday spirit be dampened. Find joy and excitement in family time. Update your cover letter and resume while you listen to carols and not decorating and do what you can to get a present of brand-new job with boughs of holly.