The COVID-19 pandemic will go down in the history books as an era-defining moment. In the past year, the world has experienced loss, uncertainty, financial hardship, and much more. However, as with all hardships, there has been a silver lining. We learned how to adapt and persevere.

For health and wellness professionals, that silver lining came in the form of technical innovation. Unable to perform in-person consultations because of no-contact rules and restrictions, health practitioners and advisors turned to technology to keep their practices going and products flowing.   

Finding Innovative Ways To Fulfill Demand

“We were getting ready to launch Taopatch into the U.S. market right when the pandemic hit,” said Taopatch North America Co-founder and CEO Dmitri Leonov. “Globally, healthcare professionals administer Taopatch to patients in-person, but given all the restrictions this wasn’t an option.” 

The Taopatch is a 16 millimeter patented wellness device that has been scientifically proven to provide immediate and long-lasting physical and emotional relief. Taopatch has been shown to improve balance, posture, focus, sleep, immunity, athletic performance, emotional wellness, chronic pain, and symptoms of neurological diseases like Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson’s. When applied to acupoints, Taopatch’s nanocrystals convert body heat into therapeutic frequencies of light, improving communication throughout the nervous system.

Given its popularity in Europe, demand for Taopatch surged when it made its U.S. debut. An Indiegogo campaign raised over half a million dollars in presales.  

“When Taopatch became available in the U.S., we instantly had more than 2,000 people queued up as customers,” added Leonov. “And we had to be able to service all of these customers remotely. We needed a solution that could scale quickly, but that was also built for health and wellness professionals.”

Made By Health Professionals For Health Professionals

The team at Taopatch turned to Profi for help to do just that. Profi is an innovative, secure professional services solution for collaboration, program management, scheduling, billing, reporting, and client management. The Profi platform is a cloud-based service that helps professional service providers, at any level, increase revenue through optimized service delivery, deeper client engagement, and automated business processes. 

“When we spoke to the team at Taopatch about their needs, we knew instantly that we were a match,” said Alina Trigubenko, founder and CEO of Profi. “Profi was built by health and wellness professionals for health and wellness professionals. This is a unique market, and many in it struggle to find technology that supports their needs. With Profi, they don’t have to search any longer.”  

Traditional tools are fragmented and don’t take into account the unique needs of today’s busy, remote working professionals and their clients. Profi started as a proprietary, in-house solution created by a team of software developers and health and wellness professionals, but then became a commercial solution after other professionals asked if they could use it too.

“When we first created the platform, it was just going to be for our own personal use,” added Trigubenko. “But as word got out that we were developing a secure, easy-to-use platform that addressed the needs of health and wellness professionals, demand grew. So now we are the only commercially available all-in-one platform that is specific to this niche.”

Leaning On Automation For Exponential Growth

The Profi platform provides turnkey, holistic tools and workflow automation that help busy professionals increase client engagement. The platform is flexible and can scale as an organization’s business grows. The end result is an all-in-one solution that helps busy professionals automate cumbersome administrative tasks, like managing and automating payments, allowing them to focus more on providing services and growing their businesses. All that is required of professionals is a willingness to show up for their service delivery (session, appointment, etc), Profi handles the rest.

This innovative software also includes the ability to create programs, packages, courses, and supports 1:1 and group workflows with built-in HIPAA-compliant video conferencing and secure messaging. They also make it a priority to help health and wellness businesses stay compliant with local data protection regulations. 

“Profi literally saves us hundreds of hours each month, and has cut down on our overhead significantly,” added Leonov. “And what we love most about Profi is that it allows us to integrate remote one-on-one assistance with courses, which train customers how to get the most out of Taopatch, and even provide weekly check-in forms to monitor their progress. The platform has completely transformed our business model, and we are excited about what’s next for Taopatch.”


  • Shanice J. Douglas

    Founder, Witted Roots

    Witted Roots, LLC

    Shanice J. Douglas is the Founder of Witted Roots, a mental health + emotional wellness platform for millennial women of color. She exists at the intersection of passion + purpose to help millennial women of color find the tools necessary to have a more proactive about their mental health + emotional wellness. She creates and curates content via, as well as produces an ongoing docu-series, "Rooted: The Docu-Series" to highlight the vulnerable mental and emotional wellness experiences of millennial women of color. She is also a Freelance Writer, Ghostwriter, and Content Curator who assists individuals and businesses share the most relatable, practical, and relevant messages about holistic health to their core audience. You may connect with her on Twitter @ShaniceJDouglas | @WittedRoots.