spring health tips

Winter is finally behind us. At last, we are saying goodbye to baggy clothes, seasonal depression, stiff joints, dry skin, and the isolating cold weather.  Instead we are saying hello to everyone’s favorite time of the year. Nature is blooming, roots and flowers are reviving again, and we can’t wait to see more. More fun, more sunlight, more great times and more skin – we say, bring it on! The best is yet to come because spring is just the precursor to an amazing summer. Just imagine that warm feeling on your skin, the fresh air in your lungs, and being able to wear light and stylish clothes again. As you emerge from this longer-than-usual winter, we know that there is a possibility you may still feel tired, sleepy, slightly depressed, or are having difficulty transitioning through the seasons. Maybe you have even started panicking about fitting into your favorite summer clothes. Don’t worry – calm your mind. This is all perfectly normal and part of seasonal changes. With our tips, you will feel fabulous for the entire year.

Clear your mind and do something creative

You’ve probably heard that the best changes start from the inside first. If you are feeling good internally, it will radiate throughout your being. So clear your mind. Find time to do something creative. When you do something creative, you exercise your mind beyond our day-to-day tasks by finding new ways to express yourself and building confidence in your own inner workings. Simply put, being creative just feels good. Writing that novel that has been stuck in your head will engage your mind and spirit. That melody that is haunting your dreams is waiting to come out…so help it! Focus your colorful energy on that canvas and express your true colors. We promise: you will be proud of yourself. Try meditating. If you are suffering from stress or anxiety or you have a problem with moderate depression, meditation can help. Stress can cause anxiety which can lead to shortness of breath and panic attacks. Find time to meditate, and avoid keeping toxic people in your life or investing in toxic situations. Sure, stress at work or home is sometimes unavoidable, but learn to pick your battles. While this is not something that happens overnight, you can create new habits with the stress in your life one day at the time.

Eat healthy

Spring is also exciting because everything is becoming green again…starting with your plate! We know that fast food is always tempting and convenient, but you know there is no nutrition available to you there. Think about the long term benefits of taking in fresh and nutrient-rich foods for both your physical and mental health. Nutrients don’t just affect what your body looks like; they affect how your body functions. So if you want to feel less blue – eat more green. The biggest portion of your meal should be reserved for veggies. Choose a plant-based diet with lean proteins and healthy fats. And don’t forget to hydrate! The best beverage out there will always be water. Recommendations vary but the vast majority can agree that everyone needs at least 8 glasses of water a day. Your hair, nails, and skin will thank you, and your energy levels will improve. By sticking to a healthy meal plan, you will have healthy meals and snacks always available at home. Fruits and vegetables are your best ally for health and longevity.

Cardio & lifting weights

If you want to boost your energy levels, there is nothing better than a good cardio workout. If your goal is weight loss and fat burning, include cardio into your everyday routine. Cardio keeps your heart healthy, burns calories efficiently, and keeps your energy levels higher. It’s also easy to customize for your individual fitness levels and long-term goals. You can choose which intensity suits you best or which type of cardio exercise you will be most successful with in your daily routine.

Running, cycling, or elliptical cardio workouts are often a staple of cardio. Others respond to team-based cardio sessions or want more intensity in their cardio. If you want to try something different – explore different sports. For instance, have you ever tried to play racquetball? It is competitive, energetic, and in less than 30 minutes, you can burn 238 calories. Many can commit to playing a game much more easily than a monotonous treadmill. Get creative!

There is no healthy weight loss without proper weight training. Muscle mass burns more calories while resting than just cardio alone. So don’t sweat it: lifting weights doesn’t mean you will get bulky (that is just an urban legend). Cardio training will help you burn fat while weight training will keep your muscle mass intact. You will get beautiful lean muscles and your body’s potential will emerge.

Sleep well

Don’t skip on 8 hours of sleep each night. 8 hours, no less and no more, is the recommended amount for healthy functioning. With a season change, you may experience fluctuations in your sleep cycles. You might feel a bit tired and exhausted or experience changes in your blood pressure. There is also a chance you have experience with insomnia. Lack of sleep can lead to frequent panic attacks, mood changes, and even weight gain. So forget about binge-watching Netflix and prioritize your sleep. Create your own personal sleeping plan and more importantly, stick to it. There are even apps that can help you with this. One hour before your goal sleep time, unplug totally and take a hot bath, combined with essential oils for calming effect (we love lavender as a great option). Make your bedroom screen-free and stop stimulating your brain with the blue light and nonstop information from your phone or laptop. Commit to a ritual of reading or meditation before sleep. Soon your body will recognize the signs of incoming rest and muscle memory will kick in to aid your goal of 8 hours of sleep every night.

Take the opportunity as the seasons change to turn over a new leaf for yourself too. What is holding you back and how can you make this spring a fresh start? Be inspired by the nature around you to shed that winter snow from your mind, body, and spirit and bloom again.