We are entering into a very powerful energetic time that comes with great opportunity, if we choose to use it.

Right before the Spring Equinox, we can take a deep energy dive into investigating what is currently in our way — holding us back from living more joy on a daily basis and living on our own terms — because these blocks are usually quite invisible to us.

In this video you will be led through a process and asked to consider three specific questions that have the potential to change how you move forward and work consciously with the rejuvenating and renewing power of the Spring Equinox.

This is an opportunity to birth a new potential. A new you. One more aligned with where you want to be vs where you believe you are. You are a creator of epic proportions, but you’ve got to own it.

Ready to deep dive?

It’s always about the love, (and renewing superpowers)

If you want to study with me personally, be sure to check out my private session work available and my new course Healing: Mind, Body & Soul

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Originally published at medium.com