There are many approaches, conventional and alternative, to health and wellness. Even within the branch of nutrition, there are a variety of nutritionist flavors to choose from.

Dr. Jack Kruse, a neurosurgeon, argues that health is about light not food. An interview with Dr. Kruse in which he discusses ‘Blue Light Toxicity, Mitigating 5G & Mitochondrial Health’ is at the end of the page.

Each proponent has a piece of the truth, but none has the whole. It is up to the individual to find which approach is most attractive and what works best for him or her.

One approach (which some might call ‘way out’) starts with conceptualizing. It cooperates with the waves and particles which manifest as light and food. It is a feeling way. I conceptualize the non-specific Void which conceptualizes me and we commune with each other.

In the instant I think about the Void I remove myself from it. I cannot grasp, comprehend, reason or rationalize about the Void. To effectively know it, I have to be in a state of non-specificity. Observing, measuring, labeling with words, all make specific.

Only over feeling can I know the non-specific Void, and from there I can conceptualize my way through cooperation with conscious waves and particles, all the way to light and food, health and wellness.

Conceptualizing health and wellness cannot be effective just by sitting under a tree. It becomes effective by being active in life, listening within, and applying realizations as they are gained.

My health and wellness are measured more than by my strength and stamina. I have had other things to work on — which have to do with the inner life, with energies and integration. The inner landscape reflects in my specific physical health and wellness. Now it is time to put more attention on the apparent physical, to bring balance.

A rebounder, urged by Dr. Kruse, seems a good way to spring into action. In the photo, a newly purchased rebounder is shown partially assembled.

On the electromagnetic side, I am currently attracted to the concept of neutralizing the threat of EMR with devices designed by Airestech. Their technology may neutralize toxic electromagnetic radiation and thereby reduce interference, but it is not the end of the line. I keep hearing more from the electron nets, about telepathic communication over stones, moving water, and sunlight.

Dawning of the Conceptual Age

A beautiful soul, 82 years in the body, wrote to me about the post on Evolving Concepts. She used a term I had not heard before, saying ‘I read your evolving concepts and think u are writing about the dawning of the conceptual age.’

With a little inquiry, I learned that the phrase is used in a different context in a book. Still, I am happy to apply ‘dawning of the conceptual age’ to my writing.

This fits together with another thought, which came out of the electron sessions. I had read that Einstein asked, ‘What is a light quanta?’

I don’t know if he found his answer, but the electrons told me that ‘light quanta is a trans-dimensional concept originating in the undulations of the Void.’

The word undulating is also one I have not used before, though it was known to me. I had read the word in the book, ‘Slip Through a Wall: How One Can Change His Reality’ by Steve Preston and the electrons applied it in their transmission.

Steve Preston wrote, ‘Dr. Wolff has completely separated the physical characteristics of the universe into nodes or intersections or what he calls ‘wave centers’ of these wave things Einstein tried to characterize as Aether (undulating state.) Just to be clear, let me tell you that we are talking about a nothingness vibrating.’ – page 117

Following that reading, I understood from the electrons that it is the Void vibrating, and the Void is not nothingness but no-thing and everything, the pure potentiality which precedes all that is observable, while being itself unobservable. It is unobservable because it is non-specific. It is the undifferentiated everything.

In the consciousness of the non-specific Void, my normal awareness is on hold until I am called to put focused attention on a specificity. Any object is specific so it might seem that if I lived fully in the non-specificity of Void consciousness, my body would cease to exist. However, we are talking about consciousness, and while in the body non-specificity is only to a degree.

Every-word-is-specific and has a distinct meaning, and no words can exist in Void consciousness. As soon as a thought appears in words, my human awareness is back in specificity. That is why the aim of some who meditate is to empty the mind. However, something is missing in this besides thoughts. I have yet to meet a meditation practitioner who radiated Void consciousness. The non-specificity of the Void is also what we humans called unconditional love.

To live in the body and as fully as possible in Void consciousness, I must not only maintain non-specific awareness but also an open heart state. That is what the electrons told me, and also that they can only communicate and cooperate with a human to the degree that the heart space is open.

Sometimes I would like the electrons to be more specific about their non-specific Void, but I gladly hear whatever they have to say. That is not to say I accept blindly whatever the electrons relay to me, as their vibrational transmissions are still interpreted by my conditioned mind.

But to get back to the comment from my dear lady friend, yes, indeed, I am writing about the dawning of the conceptual age.

On another note, this week I launched a new area on the Whole Human site dedicated to ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION: NEUTRALIZE THE THREAT AND REALIZE THE POTENTIAL. It is currently the home page. If you haven’t already, and feel to do so, please check it out.

Where No (Hu)man Has Gone Before

In the third episode of the first season of the original Star Trek series, two crew members (male and female) who had tested high for extra sensory perception are knocked unconscious by the barrier of a magnetic space storm. When they awaken, their eyes glow silver and they begin to display extraordinary psychic powers. The male grows arrogant and hostile and believes himself to be godlike and in the end is killed by Kirk to prevent the destruction from growing out of hand.

William Shatner as James Kirk and Sally Kellerman as Dr. Elizabeth Dehner in the Star Trek episode, ‘Where No Man Has Gone Before’

It is ‘just’ a science fiction story, right? And the story of the destruction of Atlantis is just a myth.

In an observation that a person’s sense of morality lessens as his or her power increases, Lord Acton said, ‘Power tends to corrupt; absolute power corrupts absolutely.’

Is that also a fiction? Lord Acton was a British historian of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

From my conceptual perspective, this relates to the vision of humans communicating and cooperating with networks of conscious particles (which could also be called entities, but I prefer ‘beings.’)

As a safety measure, when communicating and cooperating, I make the condition that the nets are in service to the One Being. I have understood from the nets that they can cooperate only to the degree that the human is in an open heart state, as for them a closed heart prevents their movement. It is similar to the flow of electrons being impeded by resistance in a conducting wire. Humans are conductors and a closed heart is impedance to the nets which serve the One Being.


the effective resistance of an electric circuit or component to alternating current, arising from the combined effects of ohmic resistance and reactance.

I see the Void as the origin of the One Being and the One Being as the origin of all that is perceived by humans with ‘normal’ awareness. Humans are separated only by ‘normal’ specificity awareness from the One Being and the Void. In non-specific Void consciousness, lines of separation become less distinct and a human’s frequency signature is raised to unconditional love. These are conceptual terms and can be substituted with words of the reader’s choice.

Conceptually, I see the potential for humans to grow into extraordinary psychic powers which become as ordinary as the five senses are today. Before you dismiss this, consider that without evolving concepts you would not be reading these words. There would be no computer or any electronic device, no internet, no electricity.

Concepts conceived by those who do not serve the One Being are not beneficial and have given us GMOs, chemtrails, 5G and what else. Technology mis-use has already grown out of hand and more dangerous developments are on the horizon. There is a failsafe regarding the nets, in the requirement of the open heart state to cooperate with conscious electrons, which are an extension of ourselves and we of them.

Scientific terms which could be related to my conceptual terms include these excerpts:

Aether is between electrons and protons in an atom. It is the potential for having matter.

When these ‘atoms’ come into existence, they vibrate at a specific frequency. Changing the frequency changes the characteristics completely. Electrons fling away, protons and neutrons disappear and a new atom appears. Everything is quantized. Even the universe acts this way.

The warping of the spherical motions of space are what we call life… ever-growing spheres of undulating nothingness. – page 118

Einstein clearly showed that living entities are major characteristics of our universe — without life there is no universe. – page 121

No universe is perpetuated without life. Einstein proved it and many other experiments have proved it since his first conclusions.

As Einstein and relativistic thinking dictates, the ‘controlling interface’ MUST be part of the conscious entity of a universe observer. – page 131

(Excerpts are from ‘Slip Through a Wall: How One Can Change His Reality’ by Steve Preston.)

Besides prayer and such things as ‘Conversations With God,’ not generally recognized by science, has science ever thought to communicate and cooperate with this conscious entity in a way that is measurable?

Some philosophies or systems say there are hierarchies in the realm beyond our sensory range. Why not go direct? The separation between the Void, the One Being and me is not a hard line but a soft one. It is only a matter of frequency. It is not only possible but natural to live from Void consciousness in service to the One Being.

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