Winter in the southern hemisphere is coming to a close and the change of seasons are where people often struggle with general health. Nature knows that there is a transition time in which the planetary energies are recalibrating. Right now the southern hemisphere is moving from the internal restorative energies of Winter into the expansive energies of Spring. The opposite goes for the Northern Hemisphere so the planetary balance is sustained.

Like any ‘life’ transition there may be some lumps and bumps to contend with as we re-establish our routines and rituals around more or less daylight, temperature and natural energetic shifts. When we listen to these natural shifts and adapt to the environment around us our bodies also thrive. If we continue on one path of input and output all year round, imbalance tends to creep in, as we are essentially ‘swimming against the flow’.

Occasionally that’s ok and necessary however, habitual patterns form when we set one pace that becomes our default. Being conscious of our inner and outer environments is a balance that comes naturally when we choose to reflect, make space and deeply respect ourselves and the way we feel.

Symptoms are messages from the body that often originate in our morphogenetic fields. They are lines of invisible energetic communication that provide a deeper connection to what’s really going on inside our body. By choosing to listen, we have an opportunity to reset our wellbeing and amplify our energy. Self-leadership is the essence of intuitive connection.

Everything we do, say and believe is an energetic frequency stored somewhere in the body including the heart and brain. When we consider that our lifetime of experiences are held in this physical form, we can start to appreciate the deeper reason why we would want to do a regular deep detox. Taking responsibility for our physical body and brain and all that they hold on every level is where our inner impact changes our outer impact. These are the unseen elements that go unnoticed when we live in fast-paced survival mode.

We are always learning, evolving, expanding and contracting because we are energy. Taking a moment to pause and honour our bodies and what they do for us is important if we choose to live in a complex urban world. The body itself is the definition of complexity so we are not going to escape complexity in our lives however our perception of complexity can consciously adapt. Rebalancing our lives means rebalancing our perceptions.

I always say to clients, start with the body because it is laden with experiences that we can choose to eject by choice. Simple signs such as difficulty losing weight directly correlate with what we are mentally and emotionally carrying with us in our physical form. Similarly, any fat stores are energetic storehouses and what many people don’t know is that our brain is 70% fat. Are you even aware of what stories might be stored in the brain?

Physical detox is often targeted at only what we see however in our modern world the unseen deeper detox is where we really get clarity and open to our potential. When was the last time you truly detoxed your body and brain? What arises for me is that we all talk about the complexity and ambiguity of life without really understanding that when we believe in those constructs, we also feed them.

Deep detox is underestimated in our Western world where we have access to everything and believe we are well when we eat well. Many factors contribute to toxins in the body and the one of the biggest toxins is our emotions. We all move through multiple mental emotional states every day and they are often unconscious energies that have become habitually ‘normal’.

When we take time to pause and reflect on what is actually going on in our body, we learn to respect ourselves on a whole new level. Respect for self is then reflected in respect for others and the planet.

Do you truly believe you are well or is that this is your new ‘normal’? This is something to consider if you know you are masking any physical issues or messages. Only you know your definition of being well and ultimately this definition underpins your definition of success in all areas of your life. We cannot deny the laws of nature and energy so when we take the time and effort to show up for our bodies, we show up for everyone else in a whole new way.

Undoing what we have done first has always been my first principle in wellbeing. It’s a process of stripping back to reveal what’s already there. Innovation for me is about alchemy and that happens when we courageously clear the debris so we can open to what’s meant for us. The depth to which we go is then proportional to the results we receive back. I find that a healthy dose of bravery is needed to move beyond the mind games, after all we are creating our reality with what we believe.

Once a deep self respect and trust is rebuilt within, we can gain true clarity for ourselves then flow strategically in our businesses and organisations. Amplified wellbeing truly is the foundation for any success. When our bodies are in flow, our lives are in flow.

Innovation happens naturally in the flow state, there is no trying. This is a huge growth area in any industry particularly the wellness industry however are we adding fuel to the fire every time we innovate with more wellness solutions and products? Are we able to sit with, and be guided and supported through the deeper work by simply unravelling and receiving what’s meant for us? The balance of ‘doing’ and ‘being’ varies for everyone and it’s a huge challenge for most of us. When the body, it’s organs and its field get clear, the messages get clear. Self-empowerment begins with clarity in the body and brain so our heart potential reveals itself from there.

As winter slips away and we move into the warmth and vitality of Spring down under, what will be your commitment to your body? Make a deep detox of the body and brain a non-negotiable this season because when we work with natural cycles we amplify our energy for the following Spring cycle. Choosing to release our personal physical, mental and emotional debris respectfully automatically makes the collective and the planet a better place. Most importantly we bring more joy and vitality to ourselves!

Nature is interdependently complex and simple, it’s a choice to be our natural best in balance. Be the change you wish to see…

If you are keen to know more about the deep detox program at The Urban Shaman, email us on [email protected] or book in for a complimentary 45 min discovery session to see if we can help you on your transformation journey.

The protocol we follow is Dr Alberto Villoldo’s ‘Grow A New Body’ program. It is based in shamanic principles of clearing the body and brain for longevity and vitality. The deep detox then upgrades the body and brain to reach our higher potential naturally particularly when complimented with a personal vision quest.

Transformational coaching and guidance then supports the integration and management of intuitive receptivity to maintain a flow state. Contact us to learn more.


  • Gina Yallamas

    Urban Shaman and Transformational Life Coach

    ‘Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.’ Lao Tsu Gina works as an Urban Shaman specialising in Quantum Energy Healing and Intuitive Life Coaching. This field of Energy Medicine is all about accessing heart-based frequencies to recalibrate imbalances and optimise energetic frequencies to support self-healing on all levels of body, mind and spirit. After completing a Bachelor of Health Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine, she began navigating energy through Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine. After discovering various other energetic gifts established through many spiritual courses, Reiki and Channelling, she intuitively connected with her own guides and Inner Coach to begin a whole new multi-dimensional education to reveal Quantum and Shamanic healing abilities. Her expertise as an Energy Medicine Practitioner and Life Coach provides deep foundations for personal growth and development. Combining her gifts as an Intuitive Guided Healer, Shaman and Strategic Intervention Life Coach, she helps you navigate your inner terrain by holding a safe space in which acceptance and trust can thrive and allow you to connect back to your intuitive potential. Her passion and mission is to provide healing and coaching for other wellness practitioners and professionals so they can enjoy their journey, embrace their potential and expand into their own gifts through accessing their Inner Coach.