Receive your Present

By Tam John

Photo By Aaron Burden on Unsplash

Excited to feel breaths of fresh Spring air, this is the time to reveal the benefits of solid Winter routines that deepened your roots for purpose and new life.  You must take the next steps to let go the old and receive your present.

Three Tips for You to Personalize Your Rejuvenation:

  1. Free the Dust Bunnies.  Like clearing the cobwebs of your mind and old thinking, freeing dust bunnies is purposeful.  Whether for health or house cleaning, take a nice and easy approach, gently doing one thing well.  Practice consistency and persistency.  Do one more thing aligned with letting Spring brighten your life.  Repeat with regularity.
  • Lean in to Hear the Bird Song.  Notice and consider what the birds are saying with their chirpy songs.  Hum along.  Shrug or laugh as you may, then go ahead and audibly hum with the birds.  You are now making room for the new energy of light happy bird song as your own.  Singing your song freely is the foundation of a happy healthy life!
  • Let Go One Thing.  Repeat until you are free of what does not serve your health and happiness.  Hanging on to fat pants, old emails and a stuffed address book is holding on to what is past.  Consider that old bath robe with the new eyes of Spring.  You would not even give it to a friend.  Old magazines collecting dust mites and old vision are stale.  Toss the tired. 

You must make room in your existence for your present to be revealed.  Allow this fresh new season of your life to flourish by being the person of your dreams.  Blossom Well!

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