Many people in society take the extra mile to make meaningful changes to the lives of people. May it be in the entertainment, medical, or wellness industry, others have made their marks and have created their legacies. Helping others to achieve something they desire is the legacy of Stanley Donkor

For more than three years, Stanley has tremendously shifted the lifestyle of many individuals to healthier ones. His company, Stanley Donkor Fitness, has worked with thousands of clients across the State in achieving their dream bodies. He has turned many individuals to become the best version of themselves and start their days ready to take on what their lives have to offer. Now, Stanley shares how he has got to where he is. 

As a child, he was a dreamer. The young Stanley envisioned a bigger purpose for himself; he always wanted to impact and influence the people around him. Even with waves of problems at each turn, Stanley held firm to his dream and championed in every pursuit he decided to take on. Motivated by his dream to affect the lives of people, he doubled as an entrepreneur when he was in college. He founded Stanley Donkor Fitness while he was taking up psychology at The Ohio State University.

Holding a major in Psychology has allowed Stanley to connect well with his clients. When sitting down with them, he applies all the principles he learned in college. He said, “I built my brand because of the need to help others and helping them through the physical part and the psychological part as well.” Stanley knows that by aligning the mind and the body, the individual can expect positive results. He motivates everyone at Stanley Donkor Fitness and leads them with professionalism and consideration. 

During sessions, Stanley consults with his clients and customizes drills and meal plans that lead to their desired shape. A wholesome fitness training program is hard to get by these days. And Stanley Donkor Fitness is intent at crafting fitness programs that cater to both the mind and the body. “I want them to gain the knowledge of being able to accept help from someone else rather than just sitting there feeling bad about themselves and what they could have done to change their lives,” he added. 

At only 21, Stanley is living the life he only dreamed about years ago. He was just a young boy living in the suburbs of Westerville, Ohio, who is now running one of the most reputable fitness training establishments in all of Ohio. Looking back, he said he did not expect the business venture to grow. But it did. And now, Stanley shares to others that perseverance, patience, and hard work are some of the keys to the success he is now experiencing. 

When asked what he wants out of the company, Stanley said, “I want to build something that will be long lasting and a multi-million dollar corporation that is not about money, but about the amount of people I’ve given help and value.”

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