This year, I started a guest blog series featuring the stories of entrepreneurs and enterprise leaders; ordinary people doing extra ordinary things.   We share authentic stories to promote business innovation and introduce a new form of mentorship. 

Sharing stories to inspire great ideas!

Everyone has the opportunity to write a little about their journey, highlight their lightbulb moment and share 3 words of advice. It is informative and energizing to read how people are breaking barriers and creating new connections within their communities.

The series is now starting a new conversation through our elevator speech and the need to update and customize our story.  The 30 second dialogue we use as a form of introduction to not only our company but product or service.

It is starting a new conversation!

I often hear people say at times it is difficult to convey a clear, concise message with a compelling introduction.  

We soon realized that the content found in each guest blog was actually the foundation for a new and updated elevator speech. When we share a little something about ourselves we create a human connection that invites people to get to know us – the personality behind the business.  

Consumer buying patterns are changing with products and services that are readily available and easy to access.  Emotion plays a big part in our decision making process so why not try a new and personalized approach with our introduction?  

The elevator speech is a powerful tool and the best conversations start by sharing stories.  

Share a compelling story to start a new conversation.

Here are a few notes you may wish to consider when you begin to think about your introduction:

  1. Your journey – be authentic – your enthusiasm is genuine, share your vision.
  2. Lightbulb Moment – highlight your value by solving a problem  – people engage with people through a human connection.
  3. Three Words of Advice – end your speech with something they will remember – an invitation to meet with you and start a new conversation.

Business is evolving and our introduction is as important as our connection with our customers in our community… it’s about more than just dollars and cents.  I’d like to see an elevator speech become a story with the purpose of encouraging authentic connections.  

What is your story? 

Trish Tonaj is a Master Coach Practitioner, and Certified Coach Trainer offering keynotes and workshops on Mentorship…breaking barriers, starting new conversations and creating a new definition for success.