It’s not about moving mountains to find well-being, but making small changes in the right direction, consistently

Small changes in our behavior can make huge differences in our lives. Our life is like a recipe — a tiny tweak in the ingredients changes the taste completely. Our brains change constantly on a cellular level, and our constructive or destructive behavior shapes our brain on a daily basis.

Behavior changes start with awareness, and evolve into action. Action is the engine of our personal growth and our lives in general. When we become “creatures of habit” to the extent that we are “set in our ways” we limit ourselves immensely. Creatures of habit are not so powerful, unless of course, those habits are consciously cultivated and fueled by intention. We are the artists and the authors of our own lives.

We see what needs to be edited, we decide to make the shift, we release what’s old, and we add what needs to be. Whether its replacing coffee with tea, the words we use to greet someone we love each day, replacing weightlifting with yoga at least sometimes, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, or even incorporating a simple affirmation into our day to keep us on track — when done with consistency — these tweaks engage us in our lives, and can transform our daily experience.

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