Recently, I started swimming with a swim coach (thank you Janka!). She teaches me how to improve my swim strokes and become a faster swimmer.

My secret goal is to one day compete in a Masters Swim Meet (stay tuned for this).

Last time I was at the community pool practicing, I met up with another swimmer who was in her late 40’s and just learning how to swim. She shared with me how she was scared of the water and now she really wanted to try swimming. She signed up for adult swim lessons and was learning how to swim for the first time.

Anyone can learn how to swim at any age.

It is fantastic for fitness, fun and an amazing way to make friends and be in the community. There is a lot of support for you, if you want to learn how to swim!

Benefits of Swimming:

  • You can get your heart rate up and it has low impact on the body
  • You can build endurance, muscle strength and cardiovascular fitness
  • You can lose weight and maintain a healthy weight, healthy heart and lungs
  • Swimming can build muscles and strength.

Watch the video for top tips from Olympic Swimmer – Yuri Kisil

Here are the best tips for you to get started in the pool:

  • Check out the local community centre for adult swim lessons (getting instruction will make it so much easier and fun!)
  • Try to get used to floating – in the shallow end of the pool hold onto the edge of the pool and let your legs float
  • Try holding the edge of the pool and kicking your legs
  • Standing in the shallow end of the pool – Put your arms under the water. Then you can get used to your legs and arms being in the water – with your head still above the water.

Your best bet to start swimming and to feel comfortable in the water, is to take lessons from a certified instructor. Then you can build your confidence and skills (and make friends too!).

Swimming is awesome for fitness and fun.

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Thank you to Canadian Olympic swimmer – Yuri Kisil

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