Starting the day with a cluttered mind is a sure path to frustration and overwhelm. 

Instead, borrow a habit from some of the world’s most successful professionals. Clear your mind with a daily thought download: 

  • Grab a pen and paper in the morning. 
  • Then, simply write down what you’re thinking. 

There is power in taking the thoughts from our minds and putting them on paper. 

This practice helps us become the watcher. It gives us perspective and agency over our day. 

We uncover negative thoughts before they cause negative results. This includes worries, regrets, and anxiety over what might happen to our business. 

Primitive brain

Our primitive brain thinks these thoughts help us avoid danger, but they don’t serve us. Get them out of your head and view them objectively.  Focus on what you can control, and what you can’t. Separate your thoughts and opinions from facts and consider if you want to keep thinking them. 

This allows us to make space for new thoughts we choose intentionally. 

Create the future with a clear mind.