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If your anything like me or the thousands of boss moms working from home you might find that waking up before the kids wake up in the morning and getting some of your business tasks completed has really worked out for you. Now there are some of us who cannot seem to get everything done possible so as not to become frustrated when the children start demanding for our attention ans we totally lose it! I want to help you if this is you! You don’t have to do this alone. I know it’s your business and you also want to make sure that you have control over your household but sister girl this is a sure way to get completely burnt out and shutting down on some things you could just get some HELP with. Here a few ways you can begin releasing some of your control and begin loving your life and enjoying the journey to becoming that awesome Boss Mom!

You have to let go of some of the controls by:

  1. Realizing and writing down those things you absolutely drag yourself to do daily.
  2. Ask for HELP! Yes you must ask for help and stop thinking you can do it all. Lose the SUPERWOMAN title! Like 4 real, it has gotten you more stress than you need and you don’t have time for that!
  3. Let others help. Stop saying “I’m good, I got it, I’m okay” because you know deep down that you wish you could get some help. After all, you have a very busy life trying to raise kids , be a good wife, keep the house under control and run your business!

Checkout these 6 ways to a more exciting Boss Moms Life:

  1. Think about who can help you with dinner at night. It may be your kids or your spouse or even your girlfriends daughter that likes to hang out at your house(yeah! I have girls at my house those almost all the time asking me if I need help) Ask for HELP!
  2. Maybe you could subscribe to a meal-planning service or do what I did so you don’t have to struggle with what you will cook for dinner every night. Here is what I started doing(yes girl! I am a work in progress so I will let you know what works and does not work for me.) Okay i just started writing down the dishes I normally make for my family, then i started checking off for the next 7 days what dishes i actually made making sure not to repeat them any more than once in a week(ex: spinach and chicken over rice on Tuesday and Friday) I really only repeat those dishes that are favorites! You could also try a meal planning service which I have yet to try but I hear they are inexpensive and worth it!
  3. Send your little one to daycare at set hours and days weekly. This frees up so much time. At first you will, without a doubt, feel guilty, but it’s normal. When you start realizing how much you are actually getting done you will appreciate your decision and love your child even more when you re-unite at pickup time. You will also feel energized and ready to give him/her the attention they need.
  4. Power nap even if it is just for 30 minutes! You will need to shut down and let your mind and body restore! Give your body it’s rights!
  5. Do something for yourself(pedicure, manicure, facial, hair done etc…) You must take part in self care. You can’t be looking jacked up and feeling jacked up and trying to serve folks! People can see right through that stuff girl! They need you to have an overflowing cup. You can give from whats overflowing and still feel refreshed! You know the saying “If Mama is happy then the house is happy”! Now that’s how you do it!
  6. Outsource some of your business tasks. Leverage! Make more impact by doing less! Try hiring a freelancer on,

I hope that I have given you something to help you finally feel like you are getting the most done but not doing the most work! If that makes any sense! smile! Girl go get some help!

Peace, love, and hijab

Ukhtee Walida-The Boss Moms Coach

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