Everyone wants realize dreams and achieve challenging goals. However, very few people actually succed.

This is because majority of us let our limits hold us back. These limits take various forms. They could be our physical inability, doubt, fear or a negative past. When you meet your personal limits, you feel resistance. This makes everything feel much harder to accomplish. Many people around the world are unable to hold on when it gets to this point. Therefore, they give up.

So it is important to learn how to handle your limits and overcome them. This enables you to achieve your biggest goals, pushing beyond your limits.

Here are some tips to follow to relize that:

· Get In Touch With Your Motivations

First of all get in touch with your purpose for being by asking a series of questions:

1. What helps you find meaning in life?

2. What’s your purpose statement?

3. What brings you joy?

Ask yourself where you are now and where you want to be to feel fulfilled. That gives them a general direction in which to move forward.

To do that don’t be shy to ask for an help. To gain confidence, you may need outside perspectives, training, or mentorship.

• Go For What Is Unknown To You

Majority of us are afraid of the unknown. We feel threatened when we even think of going past our comfort zones. This shows a low ability to handle ambiguity. When there is an unknown chance of success or failure, we are afraid to move forward. Research shows that children are more willing to embrace the unknown more than adults. This is because the desire for safety and security is much stronger as we grow older. This makes us want to stay within our comfort zone more.

“Your brain is programmed for safety. As long as you’re breathing, alive, and healthy, it’s going to try to keep you that way.” “Once you accept–and even expect–that you’ll feel discomfort in stretching yourself and taking risks, the fear of those feelings diminishes” says performance coach Jennifer Lea, director of client relations at Johnson & Johnson’s Human Performance Institute.

• Embrace IMPOSSIBLE Challenges

Embrace challenges that are bigger, harder and more complex than what you are used to. This will help you to get comfortable being outside your comfort zone and get you closer to your dreams.

Infact if you do not push past your capability regularly, you get stuck within your comfort zone and do not experience any growth. This causes stagnation.

· Start From Your Weaknesses and Learn from Failures

Many motivational speakers encourage us to focus on our strengths and ignore our weaknesses. However, ignoring a problem will not make it go away. We have to face our weaknesses and transform them into strenghts.

This is the only way to overcome our limits and achieve our biggest goals.

Furthermore if you experience a failure or two along the way, Lea says “Scour those missteps and setbacks for lessons. What could you have done differently? What did you learn? What are the lessons you can take from the losses to make yourself better at your job and ensure they don’t happen again?”.

· Build Confidence

One of my Boss in the past used to ask our team “How do you eat an Elephant ?” He obviously stimulated us to proceed in meeting our goals “byte by byte”.

So what I learnt was the importance to begin setting small goals and action items to get you toward the accomplishment you’re seeking and celebrate those small accomplishments along the way.

“It’s so important learn to reward yourself and recognize the work you’re doing to overcome the limitations you previously put on yourself.” says Jennifer Lea.

When you get to the finish line, you’re going to have new goals and aspirations, so it may never feel like enough.

· Visualize Yourself at the Next Level

One of the most important activities to perform so as to push past your limits is to stay focused.

Visualization is a helpful tool that you can use towards this effect. You need to focus on what you want so as to get motivated in pursuing your plan despite your imagined limits. Many times, we know where we have been and where we currently are.

But, we rarely know exactly where we need to go. So, take the time to imagine where you want to be by a certain time in future. Visualize this every single morning when you get up.

This will motivate you to achieve your biggest goals!

Originally published at medium.com