Before I pop out of bed each morning, I make a conscious choice. Several, actually.

I’m not talking about what to have for breakfast, what to wear, or even what workout I’m going to tackle.

The first thing I decide is how my day is going to be.

True, we have no control over external things. The power and wi-fi could go out. Clients could cancel calls. Your dog could decide that today is an excellent day to rummage through the garbage.

All those things suck; all have happened to me. And while I can’t control what the Universe throws at me on any given day, I can control how I react by making a proactive choice about my mood, attitude, and mindset.

What if today turned out to be the best, most productive day you’ve had in some time?

What if you used life’s curveballs as fuel for creativity and growth to accomplish magnificent things?

What if you decided that no matter what, you’d look for the good, seek out the positive, and encourage others to do the same, perpetuating a virtuous cycle?

Energy begets energy. Positivity, happiness, and fulfillment can be yours.

It starts with a choice. It begins with you.

So, what will you choose today?

Amy Blaschka is a branding and positioning expert who writes highly engaging content for companies and career professionals. She’d be delighted to help you, too.