With the increasing work pressure, deadlines and nagging bosses, our lifestyle’s have turned upside down. To add to this are the desk jobs that has to lead to inactivity and monotony in our lives. The sad state of our life and living styles calls for a serious overhaul. Besides, there is a need of changing the mindsets in order to bring more balance to our life.

Starting the day with a laptop and ending it with a laptop is not a good sign in the long turn. This not just have effects on the back muscles but also make us habitual of the internet and online surfing. There comes a point when we need to pause and think as to whether we are living with satisfaction or are we also the part of a rat race.

Whenever we hear of incorporating wellness into our lives, we consider it to be beyond our reach. This is mainly because we have become mere puppets and believe that we are short of time for doing any other activity accept work.

Starting the Wellness Schedule Now

Getting Enough Sleep

The key to ensuring overall well being is to get adequate nighttime sleep. With increasing uptake of night shifts and stretching work hours, the sleeping patterns are constantly changing. These changes lead to fatigue and daytime dizziness. As a result, every other work suffers. Getting enough nigh-time sleep, make our body tissues better prepared for next days activities.

Starting the Day with Detox

Though everyone recommends having water after getting out of bed. Having detox water that is prepared by using cucumber or lime will improve your body’s digestive system and also improve the immune system. This simple habit can be practised daily as keeping the body hydrated is highly important. Make sure that you drink water even before your tea.

Joining a 20-minute training session

Short duration classes like aerobics, Zumba, dance or yoga can be followed to incorporate some amount of activity into the daily routine. A 20 min morning session before work helps relieve the muscles and soothes the mind. Yoga sessions also contribute greatly to achieving holistic health. The mental, physical and psychic well being is ensured by practising asanas which enlighten not just the mind but also the soul.

Including one leafy veggie to the diet

Besides the physical activities, the number of vitamins and dietary fibres that we are intaking also play an important role in improving our wellbeing. As we are glued to fast food and other snacks during the day, including at least one green leafy vegetable to the diet is essential. The benefits that green vegetable has on our body is unmatched.

Sugary Relishes, a Strict No

As we tend to sit throughout the day, consuming a whole lot of sugary food like ice creams, sweets and other significant damage to our body. Not only do we gain weight but blood sugar level increase enormously. Moreover, if a person is already obese, eating too many sugary foods results in developing high blood sugar levels. This becomes a major cause of diabetes and other health issues. Therefore, eliminating sugary foods in the diet will improve your wellbeing.

Say No to Packaged Food

Most of us stay alone without our families which make us dependant on packaged food. Packed foods like frozen meat and other stuff are really harmful to our body. These products not just are packed in plastics which is a cause of cancer, but also the home of a huge amount of bacterias. To make it worse, added preservatives are used to keep the food fit for having, which otherwise also degrades the freshness of the food. Nevertheless, alternatives such as fresh fruits can be used as a substitute to overcome hunger pangs.

Sip on Green Tea

Green tea has natural benefits which are very rewarding for our body especially the digestive system. Drinking green tea twice a day and ditching the normal tea will ensure benefits in terms of weight loss, cleanse the digestive system and ensures a healthy lifestyle. Eliminating the intake of caffeine in office and instead developing the habit of sipping green tea is the best measure for improving your well being.