Finally, you have decided to dump your full-time job and start your journey as an entrepreneur. You might think that your commitments as an employee have ended but you need to understand that your role as an entrepreneur requires you to be more active and committed than before.

Here are the 6 essentials that you need to follow when you are starting your own business.

1- Research Your Potential Market

The very first step is a research on the potential market because no matter what you want to sell, you need to first identify whether people want to buy that product or service.

Analyze your competitors and find out which markets they are serving and what are their best selling verticals. Thereafter, identify your USP and think how is your product or service is benefitting to the potential customer. Once you are able to provide the answers to these questions you are good to proceed to the next step.

2- Don’t Keep All Eggs in One Basket

Most of the startup business owners make the mistake of investing the entire amount in one process. The result is a business failure in case the process fails to provide ROI.

Hence, it is suggested not to keep all the eggs in one basket. Invest little portion on a number of processes so that even if one of them fails then still you can recover the amount from other processes.

For example, if you are investing on an advertisement then opt for a number of channels like SEO, PPC, Email Marketing and Social Media instead of investing the entire money on PPC.

3- Open a Business Bank Account

You can’t think of earning anyone’s trust if you don’t have a business bank account. Nowadays, opening a business bank account is extremely easy. You only need to determine your exact banking needs and choose a bank of your choice. Once you have an account then it is important to keep a track of the following terms:

  • Taxes you owe

  • Amounts getting credited to your business account

  • All sorts of business expenses

  • Donations made on behalf of the business

  • Payroll costs

4- Remain Prepared For a Short Term Loan

Small business owners often need money in the shortest possible time due to unexpected costs. For this reason, it is recommended to remain prepared for a short-term loan so that you are able to get the required amount as early as possible. Online lending platforms like Loanable offers short-term loan options that are easy to process and gets disbursed in the shortest possible time.

5- Outsource Tasks And Save Money

Outsourcing your important tasks especially the processes that require technical skills can save you lots of money thereby leading to the success of entire organization. Hiring the right people and assigning them the correct roles are the keys to stability.

Remaining technically superior is one of the crucial elements to success. If your startup deals with software then Ukraine is one of the preferred destinations for software outsourcing. Similarly, if you are dealing with any sort of tech support then you can choose India or Philippines. 

6- Listen to Your Customer

Don’t make the habit of making the people listen to what your business is saying; instead, make the habit of listening to the people and adapt your product or service accordingly. I have seen so many businesses fail in their first year simply because they become overconfident and start ignoring the customer needs. Your product or service should always think about the problems the customer is facing and provide solutions to it.


Starting a business is no joke especially when you have limited resources in hand. Start following the above 6 steps and give a jumpstart to your business.