Photo by Kelsey Chance on Unsplash

We have a new idea at our ThanksGiving this year, and we call it “popcorn gratitude”. Before dinner starts, take a few moments and gather the family together. Then start a lightning round of gratitude. Not just for love, or family and friends, good food and fun.

Every person shouts out things they love, popcorn style. Whoever wants to play can speak, no set order. Try to raise the energy level. Jump up in the air. Spin around. Make it FUN, and keep it moving.

Try a few of these for starters:

  • Puppies!
  • Kittens!
  • Sunshine!
  • Green grass!
  • Fall leaves!
  • Snow!
  • No snow!
  • Rain!
  • No rain!
  • The color blue!
  • The ocean!
  • Candle lit dinners!
  • Pizza!
  • Goats!

You get the idea? Give it at least 2 minutes. As people start to see that spark of fun in other’s eyes, it’s contagious.

Happy ThanksGiving!