From the outside, my life before the Thrive Challenge seemed like a dream come true. I married my childhood friend, had two handsome boys, and built three full-time businesses together. We own a repair shop, a vending machine business, and a captive-bred clownfish breeding business. What wasn’t working was my busy lifestyle. It became difficult to find enough time in the day to even have a healthy meal, let alone find time for myself to mentally catch a break. I was putting my friends on the back burner because I didn’t have the mental energy to get out of the house or call anyone back. I just got lost in the day-to-day grind. 

I heard about the Thrive Challenge through my People Lead, Hilary Newsome. 

I was watching my boys go through life with a mom who was absent-minded and unmotivated, and that’s what sparked my decision to act. I lost my motivation to even be active with my family. I finally said to myself, “I’m doing this to be better for my kids.”

The first step I took was talking with my doctors honestly. 

I started talking about my depression and my self-worth. I had to start working on changing the thoughts in my head to stay positive. I found that doing something for me, whether it’s walking outside or making a good meal, has been really helpful. I slowly started making small changes to my routine. Now, I drink a big glass of water right when I wake up, and I tell myself positive affirmations. I also play games that help feed my brain and memory. And when I get home from work, I take the time to do at least one chore or something productive around the house.

Saving money has always been tough, but we are making more conscious efforts.

We stopped going out to eat, which was big. We’ve been sticking to home cooked meals and less fast food. I love simple chicken and veggies for dinner. We also switched to an electric car for going around town. Saving money by not eating out as much has also been good for our family because we are together at home more.

My husband appreciates all the extra time I’m putting in with the businesses, the kids, and the chores.

I’m feeling more present with my family and trying to remain positive for myself and them. My husband and I play with the kids around the house and we like reading and singing with our boys. I’m even sleeping better now that I feel more positive and happy. I’m more relaxed at night, and in the morning I feel fueled for the day and more motivated. 

I am way more optimistic and feel ready for whatever life throws at me. 

We all know with two young crazy boys, anything can happen — and I’m just thankful to everyone around me. I’m trying to help others to show them my vulnerable side. We are all struggling in some way and I want to be there for others. The Thrive Challenge has taught me that there really is no end to what you can do to better yourself and use what you’ve learned to help those around you.

Haylee Pryzbyla, Walmart Supercenter #2277, Clovis, CA; $5K Winner