Just as the construction of a house starts with an idea of what the end product should look like, so should all activities start with the process of visualization of what the end result should look like. It’s then easier to walk into the future tackling the various steps requires to bring into fruition the idea. There is a man whom I know, whose house has been under construction for roughly 30 years. Not due to lack of resources, no sir, but because he simply didn’t have a plan when he started. Consequently he has been known to knock down entire rooms and rebuild them differently, simply because as he travels and gets to see other homes, periodically he comes along something that appeals to him.

The value of planning, strategizing before lifting a finger to implement can not be emphasized enough. I personally think that if one can extend the principle a little further, and think of what will be said of them at their funeral, that should be encouragement to live and act in line with what they wish their legacy to be. We are all actors on this giant stage, which is life. Everyone we interact with is also the main actor in their production.