Photo by Thanos Pal on Unsplash

There is a limit to just how much a person can bear on their shoulders. I’m a nice person, but sometimes, I extend myself a little too much at the risk of burning myself out. I’m one of those people who try a little too hard, I risk a little bit of myself to help others, and sometimes, I wind up disappointed, because there have been times when the other person, be it friend, interest, whatever it may be, just did not invest themselves in the way that I so wholeheartedly do. I have a big heart, and so often it gets broken. I know better, but it is just a part of who I am.

If I had the chance to visit my pre-pandemic days, one thing that I would tell myself is to not get so deeply involved in what others are feeling. Draw a line, set boundaries as to what you will accept and what you won’t. Don’t waste so much time getting wrapped up in rhetoric and do what your instincts are telling you. Go with that inner voice or intuition about others, don’t invest time with those who cannot and will not change their environment, lifestyle, habits, and who just simply wish to complain about their life, but will do nothing to adapt. We have all had to rearrange our life a bit during the past year, it has not been easy, we have all suffered some sort of loss, but there are those who have been able to make the necessary adjustments, who were able to change perspective and used their creativeness to their advantage and weren’t swayed when life suddenly shifted into something we were unfamiliar with. 

I chose to change. If I could sit with myself before the universe shifted, I would say use your inner talents, your resources, and think, what can you learn from this, because oh, you will. Don’t break, bend. Do not fix things for others, you cannot change their perspective, you can lead, but do not follow after those who only wish to complain and who want to take a step backward. Life is movement, and change is inevitable. Go ahead and take those steps, bend with the wind, but continue to follow your own path, your dreams are still valid, and they can be achieved, but you may have to go another way, you may have boulders in your path, but you can get around them. 

When you doubt your own capabilities, remember what you fought so hard for, and just how far you’ve come. Don’t get too involved in what others are doing, stay your path, and be cognizant of why you are doing what you do. 

Don’t take on the extra weight of dealing with someone else’s stuff unless you are invited to do so. Remember to keep doing what you normally do, you may need to use precautions, but don’t let it deter you from living your life or allow fear or depression to creep in.

Stay in your lane, girl. Don’t ride in someone else’s. Keep your eyes on the road ahead.