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It’s COVID-19. Most of the governments in the world are doing their best to minimise the risk by implementing a movement control. People are required to stay at home.

As of today, we are staying at home and it becomes the new normal. The adjustment period may be over. Humankind has accepted the fact that the world is facing this issue, and we have to play our part by staying at home.

In the beginning, people find this problematic, but in the end, they are adjusting to this situation. For high achievers in the corporate world, working from home is creating a challenge, especially when the whole family are around. For people living alone, spending time alone at home may trigger unwanted loneliness. Time goes by so slowly, at first.

Time flies. 

Today, it has been a couple of weeks since the ‘lockdown’.

As expected, people adapt. Many creative ideas are shared online on how to spend time at home. People help each other to utilise this given moment fully. Some of the suggested activities include, but not limited to:

  • Reading
  • Listening to Podcast
  • Tidying the house
  • Trying new recipes / Cooking for family
  • Gardening
  • Performing indoor exercise
  • Practising meditation
  • Watching Netflix
  • Connecting with Family & Friends online

As of today, arguably, people have come to terms of staying at home.

Nonetheless, being human, despite adapting, we can’t change our ‘mental model’ overnight. People in general, especially those who live in the city are used to living in a fast-paced world. Albeit spending time at home, where things suppose to slow down, society wants to be productive; they do not want to waste time. 

People, in general, ought to occupy time; they want to accomplish something and refused to let the time goes without doing something meaningful.

Don’t forget to breathe

Whilst it is good to have a specific aim and goal during this given time, it is not healthy to add additional pressure to our life, especially when the world is already dealing with this current pandemic. Without realising our normal behaviour, we have been imposing unnecessary ‘promises’ to our mind, making rules; thus, we feel obligated to comply.

“I need to write that book.”

“I need to paint that wall.”

“I need to finish that project.”

To avoid unnecessary anxiety which might lead to feeling overwhelmed if not appropriately managed, Mel Robins suggested changing the wording of our thoughts to these:

“I get to write that book.”

“I get to paint that wall.”

“I get to finish that project.”

By merely changing the words, our thoughts and mindset are shifted from feeling obligated to having the power of choice; not letting circumstances control us. At that very moment, we are giving power back to us to steer what we want to do with time.

Alternatively, what is required now is to slow down; to truly take life as it is, one day at a time. We may have been racing through life since the inception of time. It’s our ‘mental model’ that we need to adjust; not to impose but to go with the flow.

It’s permissible to be productive on one day and taking some time off the next day. By doing this, we allow ourselves to be active one day, ticking our to-do list one by one, accomplishing goals for the day. At the same time, we need to provide room for us to breathe, to allow life to takes its course. If one day we wake up, and we don’t feel like pushing it, let it be. It is not wrong in slowing down. Breathe and take it easy.

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By going with the flow, we are promoting a balance life. Thus, surrender to what the day has to offer. If we practise this, eventually our mind will be at ease, and life will be at peace and in perfect harmony.

So, don’t forget to breathe. Stay safe. #stayathome.

God Bless.