Hello Everyone,

At this time, I think we are all asking: “how can we help?” Here are some ways we can feel less lonely and ease the isolation of others.

1. Pick up the phone. Call your sisters, brothers, adult children, parents, neighbors and friends. I know that many of us are still busy working, but we can make ONE call a day to someone who is probably craving connection. Consider making a weekly “appointment” to call a few special someones.

2. Have a virtual coffee break, dinner or cocktail hour with another couple or friends over Facetime. It is fun and it staves off isolation and the blues.

3. Send a letter! I’ve always been a fan of the US Postal service (if you are out of stamps, you can buy them online at USPS.com). Now more than ever, we will all be scanning the mail for “not junk” every time we receive it (and wipe it off), hoping someone has sent a note.

4. Communicate with yourself. Yes, that’s right. Check your “self talk” — you know the stuff you tell yourself each day. If you’ve slacked off from work a bit, or gained a couple of pounds being inside so much, don’t chastise yourself. Treat yourself like you would your best friend: be gentle.

As always, Speak up, speak well, and Stay Healthy!