Staying connected in the chaos!

Can we just take a collective wow.
That wow they do in all the sitcoms, where you were expecting something totally different than you’re getting and you’re PISSED.

I could never have imagined what we’re living through right now. Every day the news shows a more dire picture. There is a level of acceptance that I have reached in order to survive.

I accept that this virus is an ass kicker.
I accept that I must stay home for many more weeks, months really, to wait this out.

I accept connection in all forms.

Bet you weren’t expecting that last one.

In this time of isolation the last thing we need is to feel isolated, so I accept connection in whatever form it takes.

Sometimes that means a phone call. Sometimes that means a virtual get together. Sometimes that means doing a talk show in the driveway with chairs 6 feet apart. Sometimes that means stopping the schedule and to do list you’re running to just talk to people. TALK.

Human beings need to connect right now. We are going through this collectively. We are all suffering and sacrificing. We are all in this together! The whole world. Take that in.

Maybe you have loved a sports team, followed them and watched the games and been in that tribe. Maybe you have a group of friends you love from college. Maybe there is a singer or band you love and you’ve gone to all the concerts. That’s nothing compared to what you have now.

Now you are a part of an international family.  We are all connected and collectively working for good. The world is coming together in a way it never has before.

I have people calling me I have not talked to in years. I take those calls. I have friends reaching out, telling me they are having a hard time with this. I take those calls. And I have kids that go through waves of sadness. The loss of their time with friends, the school year, and all the plans we had. I take those calls too.

I’m choosing to stay connected through the chaos. To admit that I don’t have all the answers but, I am willing to connect. To listen. To laugh. To share what’s working for me. To share my fears. To be with people, with you, with the world, as we go through this.

If you are in anxiety with daily news blasts on TV, turn it off. If you are feeling alone, reach out. If you are feeling overwhelmed know that we are ALL feeling the same way.

Let’s take it week by week shall we? What are you doing this week to stay sane?

I am learning from Martha Beck Thriving in Turbulent Times.

I am having some ZOOM cocktail parties!

I am ready Elizabeth Gilberts City of Girls.

and when I am freaking out I do Mel Robbins 5….4….3…2…1…
5- Find five things that you love (that you can touch or see) right now.
4- List 4 things your proud of.
3- Pick 3 people tp reach out to this week.
2- Pick 2 things to learn this week.
1- Say this mantra- Right now I’m OK. If I have a positive attitude I will win.

This is a turbulent flight but we will reach our destination!!! We will get there. TOGETHER.