When I first decided that I was going to build an empire, the last thing I thought about was how I would stay grounded and true to my soul during the process. I set out to follow a mission and passion close to my heart and assured myself that the rest would fall into place. Not exactly. Starting your own business can be a lonely road, full of dips, turns and hills. During this journey, I learned that the most important piece of a successful start-up and movement was the commitment to practices that tend to fall by the wayside when life becomes hectic. I have found the following to be the true keys to success:

1. Meditation. If you find yourself reading this and saying to yourself that you don’t have time for meditation…than you are exactly who needs to be meditating. Often, the word “meditate” sounds daunting. Start small. Five minutes. One minute. Whatever you can muster. Just be still and breathe. Count your breath. Eventually you will find that one-minute turns to twenty. It is in the stillness you find your answers.

2. Gratitude. Every day I write down what I am grateful for. If writing isn’t your jam, recite your gratitude in your mind. Start-up life will throw you curve balls on the daily. When those balls feel like they are coming at you 100 mph, pause- focus on what your grateful for. Practicing gratitude brings you more experiences to be grateful for.

3. Connection. Who in your life are your vision keepers? Vision keeper friends are those that can listen and not only get in the dirt with you but give you a hand up and help you remember your why. Some of my greatest gifts are my vision keeper friends. When I lose my way or get stuck in worry, they give me the proverbial slap in the face and remind me of the vision. They hold space for me when I am unable to hold it for myself.

4. Nature. I believe nature is the universe’s humble pie. For me, it’s the ocean. At least once a week, I go to the beach, put my bare feet in the sand and gaze at the ocean in admiration and awe of its vastness and beauty. The ocean reminds me that although my issues seem huge, they pale in comparison to the greatness of the sea. The ocean reminds me that balance is changeable; just like the shoreline…the waves never break in a perfect line, but in a jagged, unpredictable way. Similar to life, really.

Part of living the life of your dreams is working with the energies and expecting unexplainable miracles. Of course there is the doing, but the doing will be fruitless without the commitment to your soul. The universe loves a believer.